Belonging To Debbie

Just a note. Debbie became my wife and we lived a cuckold lifestyle our 32 years together.
As Debbie said Mother told me that I had to stay home, and that I couldn’t go to church. Mother didn’t want me to be howling every time I moved. She came in to my room that morning and had me remove my shorts to inspect my butt. She then asked if I put something on it and I told her that I put some crème on it yesterday. She told me that was a stupid thing to do as it held in the heat and my butt couldn’t give off the heat that was built up because of the bruises and I was sure that you knew better than that. She then said something strange that I didn’t think about then but later had time to reflect on what she said, “If you weren’t so small I wouldn’t have to correct you so violently when you did something wrong.
Mother left saying that they would be gone most of the afternoon as they would be going to La Vile Versomi for a late lunch after church. When she said this I knew that she wouldn’t be back until way after 4PM that day. She told me that if I was hungry that I could have a peanut butter sandwich. About 15 minutes after they left the phone rang and it was Debbie. She told me that she saw my mother leave and that she wasn’t going to church either, and that her parents and brother were going to lunch after church with my Mother. She then told me, “I’m going to come over now so I want you to be at the back door and that I should unlock the door and to be by the door. I hung up and hobbled to the door and unlocked it, and through the kitchen window I could see her walking up to the house from the back gate carrying a gym bag. She got to the door and opened it and just walked in ordering me to get on my knees.
I did as she said as she was locking the door and told me that she was going to have fun with me. She told me that she was going to finally do the things she had wanted to do for so long. She told me that she wished we had a more private place and that she had thought about their pool cabana but it didn’t have a lot of room and that it was very small. I thought about this as she was setting down her bag on the kitchen table and I told her that we had the garage apartment over the garage. I told her the door was out of sight from the house and there was no way anyone else could see the door. I added that there was no one living in it and that I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had even gone in there. She smiled and said that would be great and then she told me that we should go there right now as she picked up the gym bag off of the table.
I got the key out of the kitchen drawer and lead the way to the garage apartment. When we got in you could tell it had been closed up for quite some time by the smell in there. It consisted of a living room, a small kitchen, a closet in the short hallway that led to the bedroom, the bedroom, a bedroom closet, and then the bathroom. The bathroom was a good size and it even had a tub as well as a shower. Walking in Debbie took the key from me and then looking at the rest of the apartment. Settled on the bedroom and sat her bag down on the bed and turned to me, “Ever since we were little and playing with your friend I had wanted to have you belong to me. Would you like to belong to me?
I thought about this and I asked what that means to belong to her. She just looked at me and told me that if I belonged to her that I would do whatever she wanted me to do. I thought about this for a few moments and then agreed to her terms. Debbie added that I would only belong to her when we met like today, and whenever we were together in the future. I agreed to this thinking about how lucky I was to have this lovely angel own me and for me to fulfill all her wishes. When I agreed she smiled the loveliest smile at me and then took my face in her hands and kissed me full on the lips.
Debbie sat down her bag on the bed and then sat on the bed and told me to undress and to give her all my clothes. I did this and she had to remind me that she said all my clothes. She looked at my briefs and I pulled them down and gave them to her. Then she told me to come and kneel at her feet. I did this thinking of how beautiful she was. Debbie told me that when my sisters told her about how I thought about her when I *********** it made her the happiest woman in the world. I didn’t understand and asked how that could have made her so happy. She leaned forward and taking my face in her hands told me that she loved me and she had been in love with me for a long time. She then told me about the time that Hank and I had been playing with my sisters and her a long time ago. She told me that for some reason she loved playing my mother and then spanking me.
Debbie then reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope and gave it to me saying, “I wrote something last night and before you open it I want you to tell me what you thought about when you were jacking off”. She knew that I was thinking about her, but I think she wanted me to tell her what the situation was when I was thinking about her. I knew that, even as young as I was that what I thought about wasn’t in the mainstream, but it was what I thought about and she wanted to hear it. I told her that most of the time it was the same but there were little changes sometimes. The one that I thought about most had her standing over me and watching me jack off and when I did, she would catch it in a little cup and then sit on the bed and hold it to my lips and make me swallow my ***. I could see her eyes grow large and surprised, and I added, “I know it is weird but you asked”. She looked into my eyes and told me that she didn’t think it was weird at all. Then she asked me to tell her more. I continued telling her that this was the main situation, but sometimes she would have some of her girl friends with her and sometimes my sisters would be with her, and they would laugh at me as I was jacking off. Then I started to tell her something else but I stopped, and looked down and had a hard time looking her in the eyes.
Debbie had to bend down a little to look in my eyes and she urged me, “There’s something more isn’t there. Come on I want you to tell me everything. There is nothing that you can tell me that will make me change the way I feel about you”.
I took a deep breath and told her sometimes, well most of the time she would come in with her brother and they would stand with his arm around her and have me suck Sean until he was hard and then I would have to watch as Sean and you would have sex. I looked at her and saw the surprised look on her face and she tilted her head a little to the right and I knew that this was the end of us before we had even started. She cleared her throat and looked very sternly at me and asked, “Who told you that Sean and I have sex with each other”.
You could have knocked me over with a feather. No one told me I said, I just thought about you having sex with him. I could see her look down at her lap and she told me that I couldn’t ever tell anyone. She then added that Sean and her had sex last year when their parents were away and she was asking him about sex since he was having sex with his girlfriend. She then told me that he offered to have sex with her so that she would know what happens. She then added that they had sex six times after that when she would get very horny. She looked at me and then asked, “There’s more isn’t there?” I told her that there was and that so that she wouldn’t get pregnant Sean would *** in my mouth and then I would have to jack off while both of you watched and made fun of me and then swallow my own *** while both of you were laughing.
She asked me why I picked Sean, and I told her that last summer a bunch of guys were playing football late at night in the summer when it was a little cooler and not so hot. After the game broke up Sean, a couple of other guys, and I went back to your house to swim in your pool, since we couldn’t go in ours because I wasn’t allowed to swim in our pool unless my mother was with us. I didn’t have a suit so I just went in my briefs. We were messing around and I got out to dive and after I dove Sean and the other two guys were making fun of my **** being so small. I told her that made me get a hard on and they were laughing at me for being so small and for getting a hard on. I continued, “Sean was treading water next to me and (since he is really tall) looking down at me reached out and felt my ****. I looked into his dark eyes and was amazed at how handsome I thought he was. I was shaking and he told me I should suck his ****. We were floating and Sean put his arms on the side of the pool after he removed his suit, and I got between his legs and holding onto his legs as I started to suck his ****. The other guys were laughing at me, but Sean wasn’t laughing and soon he was really very hard. It didn’t take very long until he shot in my mouth, and I swallowed all of it. Sean asked the guys if they wanted me to suck their *****, and they both said no, and was afraid that they might be caught and, besides one of them said he wasn’t into that with guys.
I was very glad that they didn’t want me to suck them because I only wanted to suck Sean. They left and I moved close to Sean and he put his arm around me and told me that I could never tell anyone, but I was sure that he wouldn’t mind me telling her. Debbie was smiling and she looked down at me and I had a hard on. It was little but still very hard and Debbie told me that if I was good that I would be able to jack off for her. Debbie asked me if there was anything else and I told her no then she told me to open up the envelope that she had given me, and I did and began to read what she had written. She had written that I would be kneeling before her (like now) and that she would ask me if I wanted to have sex with her. I said that I did and then she told me that if I jacked off really good and swallowed my *** that I would be able to **** her. She then wrote that I jacked off and she made me catch my *** in a cup and then swallow all of it. After I was finished I would ask her if I could **** her and she told me that I didn’t do it good enough and that I couldn’t **** her, and then added since I did it so bad that I would have to have a spanking
I looked at her and she asked me isn’t it strange that we both wanted the same thing, and then added look how hard it made you. I looked down at myself and I was still very hard. Debbie reached down and grabbed my penis and put her whole fist around me. The side of her index finger was right up against my body and she smiled and laughed saying, “You’re just barely three fingers long. Remember when you sucked Sean? Do you remember how much you had to open your mouth to suck him?” She was right, Sean was huge compared to me. With my mouth open as wide as I could get it I could only get the head of his **** and a couple of inches in my mouth. She added, “Since you’re so small I don’t think you will ever be able to have sex with me.”
I guess she could see how her words crushed me because she continued, “You wouldn’t want me to have sex with you would you? I mean just look at how small you are. You’re so little I don’t think I would even be able to feel it, and the pleasure would be all yours when you deposited your nasty goo in my beautiful *****.” This hurt me even more when she referred to my *** as nasty goo. Debbie told me that is why I should and needed to be spanked to punish me for having such a small ****. “Your **** is so small that I want you to start calling it my little wee-wee, do you understand.” I was looking down at her feet to ashamed to look her in the face. Debbie leaned forward and bending over to the side looked me in the face asked, “You know I’m right don’t you? You need to be punished for having such a small little wee-wee and if you’re going to be mine I will insist on you being punished for having such a tiny little wee-wee.”
She sat back and added, “I need to have someone that I can use and make mine, and I’ve chosen you. How do you feel about that?”
I told Debbie that I was in love with her and I would love to fulfill her wishes. She smiled and told me that she wanted me to know that I belonged to her, so she was going to do whatever she could do to make me feel humiliated by her. I guess she read something in my expression and she added, remember when you told me that you wanted me to make you jack off while Sean was watching? That was to humiliate you and you liked it so I’m going to do what you’ll like, and maybe some things you won’t like, but you will accept whatever I do.
In the future Debbie would do so many things to humiliate me, and I really did love being humiliated by her. I’m no head shrinker, but I do know that it is probably because of how my mother treated me all the time growing up. I have seen many pictures of me with my sisters in dresses during my post infancy stage, and I’ve been told of times when I’ve been undressed in front of my sisters and even other children. My first memory of anything is when my mother, sisters, and I were at a lake. It must have been some sort of extended family gathering because there were lots of people and lots of children. For some reason I was ******** by my mother and then sent to play with the other children. I remember some of them being naked as well and I remember many of the girls laughing at me. I don’t remember why or anything else just that.
Then smiling Debbie told me that I didn’t have any choice because I belonged to her and I was her property and I could do whatever she wanted.
I knew that she was right and she told me to go into the bathroom and to kneel in the tub. She came in with the bag and told me that I needed to pay attention as I would be getting everything set up in the future. She put her bag down and pulled out a plastic bag, and I knew it was a douche bag and she told me that I would have to buy mine from now on but we could use hers. She told me to get on my hands and knees as she filled it up at the faucet in the tub. She then hung it on the shower curtain rod and I could feel her insert it into my but, and since she used cold water I could feel it as she let the water go into my butt. It felt kind of nice at first that is until the first cramp hit me. The pain was really unbelievable and it felt kind of like I had been punched in the stomach. She could see how it hurt me and told me to bend forward and it wouldn’t hurt so much. She was right and then she told me just a little more. I didn’t know how much she was putting in me, but I found out later that it was 2 quarts. After a few minutes the bag was empty and Debbie pulled out the long nozzle and had me get up and get on the toilet. I was still cramping but now it was hurting a lot and I really wanted to get on the toilet. I couldn’t stand up completely but was hunched over and Debbie helped me to the toilet. Once I sat down the pain from the spanking on Friday made me jump and I slipped and sat down hard hurting myself even more. Debbie laughed at my pain and told me to let the water out. Well I didn’t need to be told twice and it just streamed out of me. The relief of the water not being in my bowels felt so good, that it almost was a feeling of pleasure. I was ashamed that Debbie had to smell the odor that accompanied my release but she just reached over and flushed the toilet. Sitting there I could feel the coldness of the new water filling the bowl and Debbie told me to sit there and she would be back in a few moments to give me my second enema. My heart sank as I realized that I would have to endure this again and as it worked out I would not only get 2 that day but I would get 3. Debbie said that I had to be very clean, and she also told me that this was a way for her to exercise her control over me.
She left and I let out more of the water 4 or 5 times before she came back. We went through the same process as before, but the subsequent times created less and less pain for me and the water that I expelled became just as clear as it was when it went in. After the third time she took down the douche bag and told me that she was going to leave it here and that I had to give her money to replace it. I didn’t agree to this and she didn’t expect me to as now whatever she said I would do and we both knew this. When she came back in she told me to get up and get in the shower and shower off. After I stepped into the shower she handed me a razor and told me to remove the hair that I had on my legs and under my arms. She also told me to be careful and not to cut my self or damage the razor as it was her fathers and she had to get it back into his bathroom before her parents came back home. I did this and I felt so strange removing my hair and wondered why I had to do this. But I did as she asked and when I was done I got out and dried off and walked out into the bedroom where she was at.
Debbie inspected my legs and told me that was good and she took the razor and put it into the bag that was sitting on the dresser. As she did this I looked at the bed and there was a light pink dress spread out on the foot of the bed and something else that I didn’t realize what it was at first then recognized it as a wig. My heart sank as I knew that Debbie was going to dress me as a girl. I wondered why I had to do this, and as Debbie turned back to me she saw me looking at the dress and understood what I was feeling. She explained that this one of the ways that she was going to use to show her ownership over me. She understood that I didn’t want to be dressed as a girl and that if I allowed her to do this then I would allow her to do something that I didn’t like because she had control over me, she had ownership over me.
She sat me down on the end of the bed and sitting on a small step stool began to apply makeup on me. It did smell kind of strange, but there was something else that I was feeling that I couldn’t actually name. First she used a base, and as she applied it she instructed me on how to apply the make-up. I never knew that there was so much that you had to know just to put on make up and that there was also a technique to use to get the best results. Like when you apply your base you dab your sponge covering your face with dots that you spread out to make an even tone.
Then she applied the powder and showed me how to use a pad first and then to use a brush. Then came the eyes and there were lots of different techniques to use here as well, such as lining under the eyebrow with one color pencil and then using a different color pencil to create a different effect. I listened closely so that I could do it and get good results so that she wouldn’t have a reason to spank me. I felt her strokes that she gave me yesterday, and she selfishly satisfied herself without regard for my feelings.
When she was done she put on the wig and looking at me she congratulated herself on her good work. I then had to stand and she had a pair of her shoes, but they were about two sizes too small and hurt like the dickens, but I finally was worked into them. Even though they had small heels I still felt unsteady in wearing them. She then had me stand and she told me how to step into the dress. She showed me how to zip it up in the back and then she made me do it. Well it took about 5 minutes but I finally got it up. Once again she stepped back and looked at me and I could see something in her eyes about the way I looked. If I would have to say what it was I’d venture to say it was wonder. She opened the closet door where a full length mirror was hung and had me move so that I could see myself in the mirror.
I could believe that she was amazed because I was amazed. Amazed at how pretty and feminine I looked. She told me that I really looked like a girl, and then added that it was no surprise. Anyone with a tiny **** like me should look like a girl since I would be a complete failure as a man. She would say many things like this to further humiliate me such as, “It is a shame that the doctors didn’t know that you would have a tiny **** when you were born so that they could just cut it off then and let you live as a girl instead of the lie that you’re living now”. It is not strange that this would hurt me, but it is strange that it would make me so excited. Debbie told me to get on my knees and that she was going to instruct me on how to be girl. She turned to her bag and brought out a jar of cold crème and she also pulled out something that had a white plastic handle that was attached to a metal rod. It used to be some sort of implement, and you could see where whatever it was used for was broken off. Debbie told me to open my mouth and she put it in my mouth telling me that it was her **** and that I should suck it. It wasn’t that big around but was pretty long and I could only get less than half of it in my mouth. She made me suck on this for about 5 minutes while my ears burned with, “Suck this **** you nasty little ****.” And, “I’m going to **** you like you need to be ******.”
She pulled it out of my mouth and told me to take off my dress and my panties. I did this as she told me to get on the bed. She had me move a little until she could see herself ******* me in the mirror. I felt her as she lubed me up for the first time and then insert the handle in my butt. It was much bigger than the enema nozzle and it did hurt at first, but soon I relaxed and it began to feel good. The feeling that I liked most about Debbie ******* me was that she was taking me and I could do nothing about it. On my hands and knees I could also see Debbie ******* me and it was really exciting. I felt her grab my tiny **** proving how hard I was. I don’t know how long she ****** me but I could feel it still in me when she pulled out and the cold air rushed in as my *** just hung open. I was panting and loved Debbie even more for her ******* me. I had to then get completely undressed, remove the wig(we called it my hat after this) and Debbie told me that she was going to give me the privilege of licking her *****.
I was told to follow her into the bathroom and ordered to lie down in the bath tub. Debbie left and returned about a minute later completely naked. She stood over me next to the tub and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. My butt was hurting due to my spanking, but I forgot all about the pain when I saw her thick jet black triangle of pubic hair. She stepped over me and settled down with her knees on my shoulders placing her lovely ***** right over my mouth. I began to lick her and she instructed me on how to lick her the way that she me to do it. I licked her and she soon told me I was treated to her first ****** from my tongue. She sat there panting and finally said, “I can’t believe you have such a tiny ****. Your tiny **** is so small you need to be peed on and at least you’ll be good for something.” I was very surprise by this and didn’t expect it, but a few moments later she peed in my mouth and all over my face for the first but for sure not the last time. I tried not to swallow any but wasn’t very successful as I swallowed quite a bit.
When she was done she stood and turned on the shower letting it fall on her lower body washing any of her pee that had got on her. I laid there so humiliated by what she did. As she stepped out she told me to get up and wash myself and then come into the bedroom and she finished drying off and dropping the towel on the floor. I cleaned myself and then got out and dried off before joining her in the bedroom. She was dressed and had all her things back in the bag. She told me to get dressed and take the towel back into the house when I went in. She smiled at me and she told me that she loved me and that she enjoyed herself so much, and that she would make me pay dearly for having such a little wee-wee. She stepped forward and kissed me and lead the way back to the house. As we went in she told me that she needed me to get her some money sometime this week so that she could buy the things that she needed for next time.
I told her I had some money now and I asked her how much she thought she would need and she told me to give her how much I wanted to give her. I had about a $160.00 in my drawer so I gave her a hundred dollars and she told me that she thought that might be enough. She kissed me again and as she started to walk away I asked her if I was going to get to *******? She just laughed and told me no, and maybe next time. She added that I should not ******* until she told me to. I walked her to the back door and watched as she left. When she was gone I returned to my room and laying down on my bed began to look forward to being able to ******* when we met next.
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Jan 15, 2013