Bachelorette Ideas

Ok, here is a question for the group.

If a sissy is engaged to a lady.

And if the sissy was to get a unofficial bachelorette party, what would it entail, what would happen?

Look forward to your comments!
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Hire a bunch of sick ***** with giant ***** to rape and abuse you in front of your wife and her friends.


This gives me more ideas than I have time to write now. The first one that comes to mind is that it is all sissy gurls at the party and how that works out, especially if your intended and the wives of the gurls find out about the party.

Then there is a story built around your intended keeping her lovers after marrying you, but it is her lovers that are throwing the party.

Then there is a place for a story that women that are throwing the party think you are a genetic girl, but it becomes apparent in the middle of the party that you are not. And they decide that they are really going to have some fun.

That is an interesting party...great ideas!

Why not make it just like any girls bachelorette party? If the sissy didn't want to go out in public you could just do it privately.

That is a good idea as well!

I guess the sissy would blow the Male ********-Mabe get ****** by him& who knows how many other guys-
Or it could be mild like being taken out to a spa to get hair -nails-makeup ect taken care of!
Lots of posibilities!

Totally...was thining mild esk, but spa and hair and nails sounds fun!!

ESP. if your dressed in a skirt bra ect for your visit to the spa!(even your trip getting there could be fun)
You WOULD be the center of attention!

That would definently be interesting will pass that on to who is planning it!!