I`m a *********** Sissy

on saturday night Mistress Kate and her two friends made me suck my first ****..they made me undress my new Master then kneel at his feet and kiss, lick then suck him....he slapped my face with it..held the sides of my face and ****** my mouth....just before he shot his *** he pulled it from my mouth and blasted it into my face....Mistress shouted for me to open my mouth which i did and got a few mouthfuls....then as his hot *** dripped from my face i was made to lick him clean...the worst thing about it is it was filmed...

sissydolly sissydolly
36-40, M
7 Responses Sep 7, 2009

wish I knew mistress kate

You are going to please a lot of men as well as your mistressessessess

how lucky you are,I would do this and more As a sissy you expect to be used by your Mistressif you ever need help I will help you

I do hope you were suitably dressed as a wanton little sissy and that you showed Mistress and her friends proper appreciation for their efforts. A sissy must learn her place and always remember it. It seems you are in very good hands.

sissydolly,<br />
Here is snother experience you would probably enjoy.<br />
I Am So Curious About Being a Real Cockloving Sissy<br />
<br />
Why would someone claim to be a sissy and not admit to ***********?<br />
<br />
Gneena<br />

you filthy little ******.

En did you do it again? What else did you had to do lately?