I Adore Being A Sissy

where to start,, hmmmm lets see. oh well here goes, im a prissy sissy  i adore being dressed in the most frilly girly undies, as no doubt anyone reading this does,, my sister was my roll model, she would dress me in her clothes , do my makeup and tell me how pretty i was , so you could say she planted the seed, things have moved on from those  early days , now im her full time maid and have been for several years  , at 24 yrs old it was a bit to much to digest,  please believe me im not complaning, it just things like hormones and implants that scare me, not that it matters now  as i have 38c boobs and a cute butt so my clothes fit so much better more  so in my maids outfit  (giggle) ,, now i really know i was ment to be a girl ,   just a flaw of nature screwed my life up,, well that was when my sister( mistress) showed me what i am , so now i know my place in life  and i adore it , i just know i could go on and on ,, but i know all you pretty sissies understand what im talking about ,,,   so whit that il sign off ,   hugzzzzzzz and xxxxxxx to all my mistress and sissy sisters ,    Jane 

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Souds more like a dream rather than reality. I for one, do not believe your story.

Jane<br />
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Yes, we sissies understand<br />
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Thats so sweet Jane, i'm so glad that you are happy being your sisters maid because some of us were made to serve women and we could never be real men. Mwahh xoxo