How I Started As A Sissy

I've had an adult baby fetish for nearly as long back as I could remember. I used to dream about wearing diapers and being babied, and constantly thought about it during the day. When I became a teenager I began to look at different  diaper and ab/dl fetish sites on the web wishing I could be diapered or play with diapered girls. In college I made a friend and we grew very close, close enough that I told her about my fetish. We ended up going out and buying some adult diapers and a ib and pacifier and she would baby me when we didn't have classes, and when her roommate was out. It was a lo of fun. She would look at the websites with me and after a while she and I stumbled onto a lot of ab sissy sites. I thought they were adorable. Not that I have any desire to be a gay sissy, as it just doesn't appeal to me, dressing up as a sissy was something I wanted to do. She would let me dress up in her dresses, and we even ordered a pair of frilly rhumba panties through the internet. I have still to this day a love for sissies,and would even want to play with one. My friend and I are still very close and she still babies me and even gets in on the action sometimes.

SissibabyDani SissibabyDani
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Sissies usually are hetrosexual

Like you, I also love being a baby; but also love being dressed as a girl. They go together. I am in no way, a homosexual.