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4 Younger And 1 Older

I have 4 younger and 1 older. I am so close to my youngest and oldest sisters. I can be fighting and screaming with the oldest and like 10 minutes later we can go out and have a blast. The youngest is just so cute when I left for college she didn't want me to leave. The oldest is at the same school I am at actually my most of my family is at the same school[It is an all girls school] I love them to death. I would do anything to save them. I can't live without them. I am at school right now and I miss the youngest so much. L love you guys so much. Thank you for being the best sisters ever!!!! 
NaomiSarah1 NaomiSarah1 18-21, F 9 Responses Dec 2, 2011

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That must be awesome school..

What do you mean?

dear NaomiSarah<br />
: thank you for being my friend.i hope we can stay in contact. and chat now and then.

Sweet post, you have lucky sisters~

I am the middle of three and I had to leave my younger sister at home when I left for college to live with my older sister which was the hardest things to do because we were so close. Being a younger sister has its advantages but to be an older sister is one of the greatest feelings in the world

Ahhhh.... Family ties.... Fabulous!!!

nice :)


I' m good

thts great!! I have an older sister and we get along sometimes, sometimes not. Its nice to see you are doing good.