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I Am A Sister ....

that lost a brother today. 

He was only 48 years old. 
His health struggles finally took a toll and he did not survive.
My big brother did not always make the right choices and ultimately it cost him his life.  

When we were kids we used to put on plays and dance for our mom.  She would sit and laugh at us while we acted out the words of popular songs playing on the radio. We would sit around the kitchen table and read from books that we'd get from the library while she cooked dinner.  Whenever something in the house was broken he would fix it with his eyes closed.  

I remember my bike chain slipped about a block away from home once...i must have been about 8 or 9 years old.  My brother was walking back from the park with his friends.  Frustrated and crying I sat on a curb next to my bike; my brother saw me there and rescued me.  My brother was my own personal 
Cassius Clay, he was good looking and was ready to scrap to defend my honor at the drop of a dime.  His quick temper kept a lot of boyfriends away, that's for sure.  

Growing up, our mom always told him to watch out for me.  Needless to say he didn't like to because I was a major league tattle tale.  When he and his friends wanted to sneak off and smoke cigarettes he would pay me not to tell mom.  I'd take the money but I'd still tell.  LOL!  He'd get in trouble and promise to beat me up and of course, he never did.  

So many memories....

I knew when he moved to Nevada with his family that things would change for the worse and it did.  He's the one to blame; he made all of the decisions that affected the four lives he took with him.  

God knew best, so he sent us my "new" big brother, the one mom gave up for adoption, in September of this year.  Its amazing how much alike the two are; they never got a chance to meet face to face.  I will never forget the first time I met my new brother.  There was no doubt that he was my brother too.  He stepped right in as if he'd been there the whole time; he so glad to be apart of this family and we have embraced him as well.  

My brother left behind a wife and three awesome young adults children...he lives on

I am a sister that lost her brother; but I'm still a sister.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Ice Mike

LacieStCloud LacieStCloud 46-50, F 5 Responses Dec 16, 2011

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Sorry abt ur brother *hugs*

I lost my sister 2 1/2 years ago,,,she was murdered shooting pool at the local pub,,,two Hispanic men came in intending on robbing the place and my sister got shot once through her heart,,,she died instantly,,,I miss her so,,,I feel your pain,,,it's the worst thing to lose someone that close,,,,Not a day goes by that I don't think of her,,,they may have taken her body,,but I have her memory in my heart....never let go of your fondest memories,,,,so sorry for your loss....

thank you for your kind words. yes, the loss is still fresh as it just happened but i don't think my big bro would want me to mourn him in sadness everyday. he left us 2 nephews and a niece that are so much like him....we must be strong for them too.

So sorry for your devastating loss.

thank you.

I'm saddened to hear of your loss Lacie :-(

thank you for commenting. i am sad too but i also feel like he's in a better place now. he is not struggling to survive any more. he had been sick for a year or two.

I feel sorry for your loss and am so touched by your loving words about your brother .

thank you for commenting. this has been a very trying time but i am surrounded by understanding, loving family and friends. ep has been a good outlet as well.