:( My Baby Sister Needs Prayers

My little sister, Hannah is twelve years old and today she caused alot of heart ache to our family..I get a phone call at four thirty from my other sister telling me that Hannah called her crying saying that she was home alone and someone knocked on the door, It was a man dressed all in black. She said that he grabbed her and took her down to the woods and tried to rape her..He cut up her face but sh e told him that her uncle and the police was on the way and he ran away. Unbelievable right? Well nine police officer's, two K9 units, Helicopters, Social Workers, News crew and Detectives were at my aunt and uncles home. They weren't even allowed inside until the investigation was over..Turns out Hannah made the entire thing up..For attention, And now the dectective wants to press charges..My Mom is putting her in a Mental rehab facility tonight. She is twelve..What would make her do this..I am so upset.
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4 Responses May 26, 2012

Look. Your sister is ovously fealing neglegted. I went through that with myself when I was 7. I was told off and pushed away from family and it forced me to run away. When I was found my parents were taken away from me and I was put in care. Given the physiculogical help I needed, 6 years on and I'm getting better.
I had a baby brother to care for when I went to care. I had to give him the love he needed from mum and dad. The worst day of my life came today when he asked why he was in care. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a 6 year old that it was basicly my fault. I am lucky he understood.
Give your sister a hug. Don't push her away. She needs love, and to a different scale, help.
God bless your sister.

For some reason she is seeking attention - maybe she saw something on TV and the victim got attension and sympathy. Instead of locking her away try giving her a hug - let her know that she is important - this is a time when a family comes together - not seperate. Try love and understanding before medicating any person - at the end of the day she is still a child - all children need guidence once in awhile - some more than others - good luck !

ahmmm... why mental rehab? maybe just psychological help will do, kinda sad why ur sister need to be on that place not fair - im sorry u should be on her side support her and show her comfort and more love,.

does anyone actually bother to check on her douring the days? sounds like she is alone a lot. I dom't want to excuse her actions... but for me it sound's like she Is realy desperate to make the others around her realise that she is still there and she still needs somone to love her and make her feel safe and wanted