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I'm The Youngest

I have two older sisters R and S (don't want to name names but that;s their inital). R is 14 years older than me and S is 13 years older than me. With such a big gap, they were adults when I was a teenager and I never really spoke with them but they were like twins. When I was 14 I stayed with S and got to know her more and now we have a great bond with each other. I only just came back from staying with her for 5 months. Unfortunately with R neither S nor I get along with her and the sisterhood is kind of done but I still have S and she's the greatest sister ever.
Alluded Alluded 18-21, F 1 Response Aug 9, 2012

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Be thankful you have the one, at least that is better than none. I also was the youngest. My only sis is nine yrs older. She and I have never been close. She was also mean to me when I was a child. She never really wanted anything to do with me and cast me out. I think she bonded with her daughter in law and perhaps replaced her with me. I was told by an aunt that my sis was jeolous. Perhaps because I was the youngest. I also was blonde and she was brunette. Don't know i f that had anything to do with it or not. I have no family.