My Sisters

I am the second of 4 girls. I was always closest with my little sisters, but my older sister was always there if i needed her. 1 1/2 years ago, my youngest sister decided to fi stupid and disowned our entire family. We have always been a close family. She always got into moods where she wouldn't talk to one of us for a week of two. Buy never the whole family, and definitely not for 1 1/2 years. This is killing my parents, I have tried everything and nothing from her. Recently my oldest sister was diagnosed with bone cancer, which means she may need bone marrow from one of us. We were hoping, knowing that her family was going through a difficult time, shr would come back. As of right now, she still has no desire to part of the family, or be there for our oldest sister. Just don't know what to do.
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1 Response Oct 14, 2012

I am hoping she will come around before its to late. She has done so much to our family, and me personally. With each passing day it gets harder and harder to forgive and forget what she's done and is doing.