The Shopping Cart

This story is dedicated to my 2 older sisters who are now both part of the Experience Project family and I know they will not only read this, but remember this and RELIVE this experience.
It is late 1970. The place is Redwood City,California.
It was a very rare occassion that the 3 of us were not only together,but for some reason none of us were driving but walking together down a 6 lane busy street.
We all had coats on. As we walked,we got rather rowdy and as sisters do, started to get loud and sing (none of us drink). My oldest sister was lagging behind totally embarrassed as my other older sister and I were singing Janis Joplin's "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz" very loudly and starting to be quite a spectacle for the oncomming traffic.
Somewhere along the street, we find a shopping cart. My older sister tells me to get into the shopping cart and she will give me a ride. Instead of climbing INTO the cart,she lifts the front bar up and I get in with the bar closed and my legs hanging out of the cart. My oldest sister is so embarrassed she is lagging further and further back as we are all in our 20's and we look totally ridiculous but we keep on singing. I'm now inside the shopping cart :::
My sister soon trips over the curb twisting her ankle and landing more or less in the gutter and lets go of the cart.
I am totally TRAPPED inside this shopping cart when all of a sudden- it jumps the curb and rolls out into the busy traffic!
All I remember was the sky spinning as I fought to get out of this cart::: the cart rolls almost into the second lane and as I slam to the pavement (still
trapped in the cart) I see a Greyhound bus headed right for me as the shopping cart and I lay in the street. How the bus missed me I will never know- but this was not the end- My oldest sister was laughing so hard all she could do was sit down on the curb and pee herself. My other sister sprained and cut her ankle and was bleeding and limping. I tore my coat all to hell and pulled my right arm almost out of the socket trying to escape besides getting my head smashed and was also bleeding. We all limped home like 3 wounded soldiers in the civil war and it took several weeks to heal on the outside. But I will never live this one down. I have never been able to look at shopping carts the same way:::

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I could call you the three stooges... But I'll just go with " hell on wheels."


Yes, I remember it well. I am the the twisted ankle sister. ( middle child). Our mother couldn't believe what a mess we were as we gimped through the door. Purrrr-sonally I think Janis Joplin pushed me. Then she tried to run Puddetat down in her Mercedes Benz. Guess she didn't like our rendition of her song. lol. mini

I just REREAD this comment u left and I'm STILL LAFFING over it! It cracks me up STILL cuz it's soooooo U::::::: Pudde