Texture Dirt

Kids today have never had to use their imagination. Everything is electronically generated. Computers, video games & movies,cell -phones, texting. They cannot be without these devices for any amount of time or they "GET BORED" I was born before all the electronic entertainment came to be. We had to make our brains work and invent our entertainment & games. My younger sister and I were very close as kids. We made up all kinds of games. We were only limited by our own creatitvity. We took boxes and empty cans and played STORE. We had mom open the cans from the bottom so they looked like full cans. We made shelves from pieces of wood we scrounged. We made mud pies. Our mud pies were very special. They were made with Texture Dirt. What you ask is Texture Dirt? We made it. It was regular garden dirt that we sifted with a strainer. Very dry dirt was lighter in color, darker moister dirt was sifted but was darker. If you mixed the dark dirt with water it made wonderful pies. As they dried out we decorated them with leaves or grass or flowers or rocks or marbles. Then we frosted them with the "Sugar" that was the lighter Texture dirt. We had hours and hours of fun creating our masterpirces. They didn't cost anything but imagination. It makes me sad that kids today will never have that kind of experience. Garden dirt and a strainer a bit of water. Simple pure fun. Those were the days. lol mini
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Awww, Min... Isn't that the truth? We invented all kinds of things to do. We played for hours in the leaf piles," store" as you did, school, oh, and we played " drive in!" " can I take your order?"

ahhhhh. Such sweet memories.It was so much fun BACK THEN::: Loved this story!