Cluck Cluck: I Feel An Egg Coming On

Did you ever just get in a silly mood where everything makes you giggle? My sister and I were having a shopping day out. For some unknown reason we decided to go into a ladies dress shop. This was one of those places where the wait staff were very stiff proper snobby rich old crabs. They immediately spotted my sister and me. They looked at us like we just swam up the sewer opening. We paid them no mind and started "touching" everything we could run our hands over. We held up dresses & blouses and made very loud rude comments about the fashons the colors whatever and giggled. Eventually we came upon a rack of ladies HATS. They were hideous abominations. We tried on several~laughing at how absurd we looked. One of the dried up sales persons came up to us and asked if we needed help. My sister said no. I grabbed another had severaal fluffy feathers poking out of it ,hatched by some demented chicken. I was laughing. I grabbed my sister by the arm ( as the prunie saleslady watched), I said very loudly " WE HAVE TO LEAVE HERE RIGHT NOW!" Why she asks??? I began clucking like a chicken and flapping my arms like wings. "BECAUSE I SAID, AS THE HAT SLIPPED OFF MY HEAD! OOOOO CLUCK CLUCK I FEEL AN EGG COMING ON! We were laughing histerically as we bolted out the door. We laughed til we got to the car We still crack up whenever either of us feels an egg coming on. mini
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ThosewomenareSTILL talking about you!