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For Love Of Sister Not...

i still wish i has at least one sibling...
maybe an older sister... or even a big brother.
i get to watch my cousins kids and get an idea of what im missing out on...

  when i was little i got to stay overnight with my cousins sometimes.
then i was like there little sister...
we would get tucked in all together for naps and the night too.
  that's when i got to snuggle with them. it was really nice...
i really wish it was for more than just 1 or 2 weekends a month...
  i did get too learn allota things from them.
littlholly91090 littlholly91090 22-25, F 13 Responses Jan 11, 2013

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Don't keep the learned things to yourself up, and share?

Well I have the opposite. Two younger brothers, absolutely no cousins! Just my immediate family :(. Dad's one brother and mom's one sister had no children.

You still have your memories with them and that should make up for the time apart from them :).

Cousins aren't bad. My brother and sister are quite a bit older, but some cousins (female) were a couple of years older and we did a bit of exploring. Great memories

How sweet to share such times with family as well as friends

I'm with you... My sister is AWESOME!!

What things. All three of you in bed together?

um... yeah... i was like 4 and they are only 2 and 7 years older than me so it was only natural... well that and we grew up nudists=)

i have freinds that just ***** about there borther or sisters but i m with you love kinda wish i had 1 to do stuff or teach or learn from or ***** about sometimes lol


Ill be your big bro :) I always wanted a sis. Instead I got 3 brothers lol

um... ok!

That is a sweet nice memory. :)

What age were u when u went 2ur cousins bbe?having an older sister r brother is not all fun either,xxx

i can remember going to there house when i was 4
yah i gess its not all fun but thats part of being in a family too. right?

I would love to hear more. my cousin and I played a lot together.

k tell me more

family fun is great and enjoyable... i have many fantasies that involve family

yeah for me its more that just fantisy

Write a story with detail, i like reading them. Add me plz.