A Sister To Many Siblings

I have a lot of brothers and sisters. Travellers tend to have very big families. I have 9 brothers and sister, 2 of them passed away, and my mother is expecting another.

The oldest is Jarrah Justice, RIP. He committed suicide when he was my age, 17. If he was still alive he would be 22. My brother Bracken True just turned 21, and hes travelling with his horses. My sister Daisy Bliss is 19, and has been married around 10 months, and I miss her like crazy. I dont get to see her as much since she got married. She and her husband Martin have been trying to get pregnant, but shes been having a hard time. They thought she was pregnant for a bit but they were wrong, and Daisy was heartbroken, but she was in the south so I couldnt be there for her :(
Then there's me, Poppy Joy! Im 17, just married in December, and trying for a baby. Im hoping that I dont have trouble like Daisy, but Im scared a little. Since I left that leaves my younger brother Linden Prosper as the oldest, as he is 13, and my youngers sister Pansy Honor as the oldest girl in the hous, as she is 12. She has cystic fibrosis, and we ended up settling down into a house so she could be close to doctors.
My brother Ash Valor died when he was 3, RIP. He died of pneumonia and he would be 9 if he was still alive. My sister Lily Faith is 7 and had her first Communion, and loves her dress so much she still puts it on sometimes! My brother Alder Noble is 5 and going to start school soon. Then the youngest is Rosy Hope, who is 2 and going to turn 3 in February. Now my mum is pregnant again, 10 weeks along. I'm so excted to be a sister again!
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Jan 22, 2013