Crazy Louisana Chick

Hi everyone! I'm a 19 year old chick raised in the back wood and bayou's of Louisana . I got to run around in the woods nude a lot. When your 30 miles from the nearest town, you kinda have to invent your own fun. I have two older brothers and a sister who is a little over a year younger than me.

We have all been swimming nude together. I left for college last year. I went home to visit this past summer during summer break. This is where it gets really crazy. My second day there my sister and I decided to go down to the swimming hole. We had been there for about an hour when lil sis started comming on to me.

I shuned her advances at first, but after a while, in the heat of the moment, I gave in. I know it was probably wrong, but at the time I forgot all about her being my sister. I found it to be very hot.
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I had an aunt who was more like a sister who did the same thing with me..... i went with it and we have carried on for over 15 years now. Off and on. Just on how u see it. If its two consenting adults then do what feels right. So be careful and dont close yourself off to something that can be alot of fun.

I'm telling you trailer park trash

Hah, you wish SUCKA . Never seen the inside of a trailer.

Yeah ive never even been in a trailer and even the biggest mansion has trash in it.