And She Drives Me Insane

My sister is 7 years older than I am, so you would think she'd be more mature. But she's not. She's a religious zealot that believes in the most ridiculous things and she's extremely judgemental if you don't follow her ideals (she takes after my father). Like, if I have a sore throat and I say, "I think I'm getting a cold". She will say, "You speak it upon yourself. In Jesus' name you won't get a cold." I hate it when she says stupid crap like that. I don't say anything though. I just roll my eyes when her back is turned.

She's also very competitive and bossy with me. She still treats me like a little kid. When we bought a big screen tv, she got one. When we bought a new digital camera, she had to have a better one.

Our boys are only 6 weeks apart. And of course (in her mind), her kid is always smarter and better behaved than mine because she uses a wooden rod (like the bible says) to spank him, and I don't believe in spanking. And she constantly puts down my parenting skills, even though I have 2 degrees in mental health and I work with children. But I must not know how to raise a kid.

It also drives me nuts that she talks with her eye brows raised. Wtf? Put your damn eye brows down and talk like a normal person. Oh, and she also talks 100 miles a minute and I can never get a word in edgewise.

I've never said anything to her about how she makes my skin crawl, and I probably never will. She is the way she is and there is nothing I can do to change it. I love her children and I want my son to grow up around them, so I put up with her for the kids sake.


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:) I have very similar sister, she is just not religious as yours. If she was, I would jump out of the window because I can imagine what kind of preacher it would be :)) She is older than me only in 2 at half a year (I am 23, she is 26) but she acts like she has eaten all the wisdom in the world (and also speaks with raised eyebrows :))) And what's more she is that cheeky, that after her preaching numbers she comes to me to hug me! I would kill her then and she wonders why I am angry with her and occasionally starts to cry!!! I am trying to take her with humour but it is not always possible (not to kill her:))