Can't Live With/out Her

i have somewhat of a strange relationship with my sister. we can fight viciously and cruelly as if we're on opposite sides of a war - threatening and blackmailing each other, taking cheap hurtful shots, "accidentally" shoving each other, and knowingly, purposely doing everything to **** the hell out of each other. i go to school and tell stories and drop subtle comments that put my sister in a bad light. and, being a stubborn unforgiving person that i am at times, i shun my sister's attempts to reconcile with me [usually when she needs me for something].

but in the same day, maybe two hrs later, or the next day, our 'rents could walk past and see us in our bedroom joking and laughing uproariously. yes, we are silly and petty in our little grievances, but luckily we can sometimes just pass it over with a big hug or two. in these happy times, we go out of our way doing the exact opposite. i'll buy her a little surprise on the way back from school, clean up her messes, give our 'rents a nudge nudge to let her go out, and basically anything to let her take it easy => . My sister in return might buy some special chocolate for me and randomly come over to me and give me a warm hug *smile*, which is all i really want.

a friend of mine was really confused by what she called our "totally bizarre relationship". she doesn't have a sister, but only a brother 6yrs older. i guess it takes a sister to understand the special bond that exists between sisters. we know what makes the other tick, and what makes them smile. and boy do we use this knowledge! :P it gets so incredibly infuriating when you can't stop your buttons from being pushed with glee by the one you're hating, but on the flip side the happy glow you get when your sister does something that you can appreciate makes it worth it. admittedly, i don't know how i have survived this long with my sometimes bratty sister, but i don't know how i could live without her either!

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My sister and me! There's seven years between us, but if she and my dad got into it hot and heavy, I'd try to be the peacemaker - I was Daddy's girl and he usually stopped for me.
I loved my sister - I still do - but she dropped out of sight after Mom died in 1984. I know where she is - Cherokee, North Carolina - but I have no other address. I wanted to be able to tell her Daddy passed away in 2OO3. She's still my big sis and nothing will change that.

My sister and I had that type of relationship when we were growing up; however, she was more bossy than not because of the seven years between us.

I understand where you're coming from too! My sister and I were so close growing up (we are only 13 months apart in age) that everything was a competition and we fought all the time! <br />
At least it sounds like your relationship has 'happy glows' etc, we were either just civil, or we were fighting! <br />
It took my sister to move to a different country with her boyfriend in her mid-20's before we started to appreciate each other. And now after 5 years I have moved to the same country to be closer to her, and our more mature relationship now is something to be treasured. <br />
But! We do still have our ups and downs which can be so infuriating sometimes! But I still love her :)