I Have a Younger Sister

My sister is 15 months younger than me. For reasons I can't fully explain, she has always had some element of jealousy and resentment towards me. In our super 8 home movies from when we were very small, you can see her crying in any movie that was taken at one of my birthday parties. She begrudged me even getting birthday presents.

When we were preteens and teens, she tried to keep her friends from me, she didn't want them to be friendly with me and would get mad at them if they were.

In school, I was never one to stay up late studying. She would stay up all night if she had to. One year in high school we both had biology the same year (she was a grade behind me). she would work so hard before a big test, I wouldn't, but I would get as good a grade, if not better than she did. Boy, did she hate that, it was if I did it just to make her mad.

My sister is not a bad person, and can even be really sweet at times, but I think we got along best during a seven year stretch when my life really sucked. This sounds awful, and she probably isn't even consciously aware of it, but I think she felt better about herself when she saw all the trials and tribulations I was going through.

In many ways, my sister is like my mom and I am more like my dad. When my mom and sister are getting along well, I am basically excluded, but should they have a fight, they call me to ***** about the other. I don't get too involved in any of their little dramas, it is best that way

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I've learned life is too short and you don't know how long you will be here, holding a grudge isn't worth it.<br />
I am very straight forward and blunt, without being mean. What really irritates is to have someone ask you a question and the get back when you answer honestly. This is my mom & sister, I try not to give it a 2nd thought, they'll get over it! :-)

I have two younger sisters and an older brother. My sisters are 18 months apart from each other, and they are like 5-6 years younger than me. I don't see much jealousy there, unless it is on the older girl's account, because she ALWAYS gets her way. I hate it, and it's dumb, but it's true.<br />
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Dunno what to tell you about your sis, except maybe at least act like you're studying? Idk.

she is jealous of you because there isn't much of an age gap between you so she feels competition going on between you, also as you can get successful by not trying as hard as her will be hard because she will see you as really lucky and she will think it's unfair that you get to experience everything first. also when you were going through the rough patch she would have been there for you because for once she felt needed by her older sister so felt powerful. and it's best not to get involved in their ***** fights because it can only lead to trouble

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I have two younger sisters and a youngest brother. <br />
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We are spaced so that I am 7 years to the second and 10 years to the third and 11 years to the youngest. To far apart to fight about much!! Later in life once I came back to the area, we became close and suppportive of eachother. I do not leave California, inspite of the desperate looking future for the state, because family is here.<br />
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