Big Sister to Twins

I am a big sister to twins, two years younger than me. We used to fight all the time, and I resented them for occupying my parents and leaving me to be the odd one out. All my friends only had to deal with one sibling- I had to deal with TWO. And they were ganging up on me!! Snooping in my room, making fun of me when I was beginning to grow up and they were too young to understand.

...But now that we're older, the age difference doesn't matter so much. In fact, I don't even notice it. They are my best friends, and we look so alike that we're often mistaken for triplets. We socialise together, we share some of the same friends, and when I'm around them I feel like a better person. I know how lucky I am to have two sisters I genuinely like so much, and I am fiercely proud of them and everything they've achieved, and everything they are working towards.

I wish I was like them. I hope they know how much I love them.
Camaire Camaire
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2007