She Out There ..some Where

this is a story about my birth sister that is out there some where


i was adopted when i was 2 weeks old and my family never kept that a secret. when i was 16 i tried to hire a investigator to find my birth family but came out cold. (really i think i got ripped of but i can not say)

In 2005 my boyfriend at the time came home to show me this adoption website that had my name on it. i was a little sceptical over it but i thought to check it out. sure enough my name was there and my birth name. wow it was amazed but still held back a bit. i called the number and they gave me the number of my birth mother.

i had butterfly's in my stomach but i had to find out. i had some info that only my birth mother would know so i was prepared. i picked up the phone and called. it rang over and over and over until the forth ring she answered.

i was happy at first to talk to her but slowly i started notice lies and loop hole in her story. she was my birth mother but she had many lies to tell me. i found out i had a sister a year younger then me. that i knew was the truth but she will not tell me anything about her and every time i ask she tells me nothing. i have tried to find her online but have left with empty searching. nothing

i would like to talk to her but i because its a part of my life that's missing now.


erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2009