I have a younger sister, 6 years apart. She calls me Didi, which is Hindi for elder sister. It sounds childish but I love that she calls me that, and not by name. It gives us some kind of special bond.

 I know I give her grief and all that but I really do love her. I'm her elder sister it's my job to bug her and annoy her and stuff (:

When we go out people usually think she's the older one though cause she's much bigger sized than me. They say mean stuff like wow your sister is so slim and you're the total opposite why is that so do you steal her food or something? And I get really angry because I know how hurtful it is for my sister to hear that, and I get defensive and tell them directly to STFU cause it's not funny.

I worry about her a lot. I worry about the kind of company she's mixing with in school. I worry about her grades. I worry about when she'll have her first experience with boys. I worryworryworry but of course no one knows. My parents think I'm a heartless ***** who only cares about herself.

The only plus side to this is that my sister feels she can confide in me (: She thinks I'm cool like I dont mind if she's not perfect 100% of the time.

I do care though. I want her to be successful.

I want my sister to be smarter than me, more beautiful than me, achieve more in life than me, and all that. I wont be jealous, just extremely proud of her (:

No matter how old she is or how big she gets she'll always be my baby sister :D

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You really think I should? *shy*

I'm the older sister too, and I can relate to just about everything you said here! Will you ever show her this. It might be a nice gift.