The Only Girl. ;-;

Ever since I was little I have always wanted a sister. Unfortunately after my youngest brother was born, my mom decided not to have any more kids and got a hysterectomy. (Or so I was told. *shrug*) So instead I am sister to three brothers, an older one and two younger, and we're all three years apart except for the youngest. I'm closest with my first younger brother, we're always talking and making jokes and writing stories together and stuff like that, he's pretty cool. =3 My older brother I've been distant with for years, and the youngest I don't talk to much but for some reason to him I am the best big sister in the world. He's pretty much the most outgoing of all of us, lol. I'll never get my real sister but my brothers aren't so bad and I've got friends that are close enough to be thought of as such. ^^
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I find it very interesting to watch the dynamics of sisters---couple of my sister-in-laws only have sisters---so to me it's pretty interesting for me--my one sister-in-law-had a boy---family of all girls---this kid can get away with anything "that's what boys do?" drives me crazy---but--he and I--we're great together---it was his aunt mary that taught him how to bodysurf a couple years ago when we vacationed at Cocoa Beach---was great fun! Yup--learned how to do that with my brothers at the shores in R.I. and Ct.----sigh---to be that girl again---only though if I knew what I know now!!!

On the other side of the spectrum, I have two sisters and no brothers. I shared a bathroom with my middle sister, which means four her four high school years, I kept my toothbrush in my parents bathroom so I could actually brush my teeth in the morning: there was no way I was getting into the bathroom. I routinely had to ransack my sister's closets to reclaim my clothes. On the flip side, I never had to worry about having nice shoes because I could just borrow my sister's for the dances ect, and I had a ready supply of makeup for the one time a year I wore it. There are bonuses and drawback to both genders being around. I know that not having brothers, and having almost all female cousins, I am a little clueless as to what little boys are like at all!

I too am a woman who never had a sister---I have six brothers---we now range in age from 59 to 42--I'm 5th in line--I didn't ever want or feel the need for a true sister until I turned 40---being raised with all brothers was GREAT---I can shoot a great game of basketball (yea--to be playful--I've gotta great box out move! hehe) can play baseball like a guy-my sons used to tell me "mom, you don't throw like a girl"-used to ride dirt bikes-used to ride horses (my family had them---gotta take that up again--that was fun) was in a wild snowmobile accident---when I was 20--just got back on one two winters ago---went for a great ride--85 mph across 8th lake up in the Adirondacks--that was wild was riding with a buddy---woohoo--go for it---what the heck--your gonna go--might as well go for it! I am also very fortunate though that I have six terrfic sister-in-laws---who don't mind "the sister" being around!!! Oh---was I spoiled---not at all--was I protected---you bet! Still am!! I love them all!! Am I a tomboy---yup--but-I'm also a lady!