So... This Means What?


I am pretty ticked off right now.

I don’t usually write things like this, but well…when I have something that needs to be said, I go ahead and say it so…here it goes.

My sister is a beautiful girl…really. Somehow though a jerk decided to attempt to destroy what little self esteem she may or may not have had….


After being friends for over a month, they swapped pics, and then somehow this person found it in himself to inform her this vital bit…..

“Um…..I’m not used to looking at people like you”


What the…? What does that mean? Please someone help me out here!

First of all, my sister is NOT ugly. Not at all. She is much better looking then me, but even I have never heard a ‘compliment’ like that.

So….here’s what I’m wondering, if any of you have any idea what I could tell her…please let me know.

She says it really “doesn’t matter“ and I know she’s right, I just wish there were some way to convince her that she is not ugly, because right now, she sincerely believes she is worthless, and the thought of this random jerk destroying her with his mere opinion has really made me sick….

I know I am probably "overreacting"  but please, she's my sister! What am I supposed to do.



Why do some people have to be so mean? 


stormynightsky stormynightsky
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6 Responses Aug 6, 2009

Ohhhhhh how stupid of him! He's lucky he still has legs to stand on then, going around saying things like that! Some people can be so mean! I wonder if they are naturally that way, or if they get better with practice? :D Must be both.<br />
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Anyways, thanks for your comment, I dont know what inspired someone to give you to get a comment like that, if that's your picture, you are VERY beautiful!

Lol, thanks!!! :)<br />
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After reading some of these responses, my sister and I actually had a good laugh about it!!!<br />
<br />
All of these perspectives helped so much.

Is he ugly?! Maybe he's used to having butt *** ugly girls to look at and he sees your beautiful sister and so he's not used to such beauty =D.

I think there is a lot of truth in that! :)

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.

You are right. I have always wondered this....<br />
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"Are we loved for our beauty, or does love make us beautiful??"

We are always beautiful to people who love us. Why be concerned about what people who do not love us think about the way we look?