I Haven't Seen My Sister For Seven Years

We're only half sisters, shes my moms daughter from her previous marriage, but things like that don't really matter.

I can still remember the exact reddish blond color of her hair in the sunlight, the way she talked, even the way she smelled.

My dad loved her cheesecakes, and my other sisters and I would always ask her to play with us.

When she walked me home from elementary school we would pluck the wild Manzanilla (Chamomile) that grew in random patches along the street. We loved reading the "Little House On The Prairie" book collection and she even bought me the whole series.

I think she doted me a little, because I was the youngest, so she always surprised me with treats.

I was about 8 when she left, got in a huge fight with my parents, and somehow the cops ended up coming to my house. Then she left and since then my mom has continuously called her "Loca", wacko, sick, crazy, and many other things.  My mom likes to blame it on my sisters father, he let my sister move out and live by herself at age 16, and let her do many other things you would never let a 16 year old do. My sisters behavior is probably to blame on my moms ex, but its like a broken record, I hear it over, and over again. Last summer i decided to do a little research on her, i wanted to know what was going on in her life. First when i looked her up on Google images there was a picture of her with a new boyfriend, blond, tall, European, the man i could see as her type. Flickr was in the URL. i clicked on his account and was bombarded with photos of him and my sister, laughing, camping, hiking, stuff like that. but as i looked deeper into his account i was shocked by a series of photos, all shots of my sister and a new born baby. the baby's middle name was the male version of mine. he was born just 3 days after my birthday of that year. It left me speechless. i was quiet for 5 minutes, just staring at her eyes in the photo, the obvious expression of motherhood plastered on her face. there was a tag next to the photo with her name and her "boyfriends" last name. Then it hit me. My sister was married. That man wasn't't her boyfriend, it was her husband. My sister had a baby. AND SHE DID'T LET US EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT????????? Its hard to explain all the feelings I felt in order, but i do know I was furious, sad, disappointed, and well, happy. I ran to tell my sister about it and when i was done explaining everything, a single thought entered my mind. what about my mother? how would she feel about this? i decided to sleep it over and the next day i told her. calmly she asked me to email her the pictures. she didn't't discuss it any more after that. So basically, i want to reconnect with my sister. I want to ask her questions, tell her things i don't tell anybody. i just want to see my sister. maybe one day she'll travel all the way from Switzerland to the U. S to meet us but i highly doubt that. she inherited the same stubborn pride from my mother, so i'll probably just have to find her all by myself. cant wait. 

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My story is a little similar to yours. I have 2 half sisters and they left when I was 4. They had some differences so that is what caused them to leave. Well I don't really sign on to myspace that often and one morning I decided to. I had forgotten my password (lol) so i spent about an hour getting it changed. Finally when I get on I see that I have an email. I read it and I start cry. The message I received exactly one week after my birthday, so I read it and it was one of my sisters. She told me how she had missed me since I was 4 and that she just wanted to let me know that she has never stopped loving me. I am now 20 years old. Which that means that I have not seen them for 16 years. So, Needless to say, I have been talking to both of them since 6/12/10 to now and I don't plan on ever letting them go again!