Look For True Size Queens...

I do find it extremely difficult to find a woman who is a true size queen. I'd love to talk to anyone who is.
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Keep looking, you'll find a woman that can take you. She's not going to be the one YOUR looking for!!! It never is. Any woman you are in a relationship with can become a sie queen. Random hookups never will. Woman are just like men, they just don't admit it. If they love you, they will love taking the time to change themselves to FIT you, or anything you want to put into them. ANY ***** can stretch way bigger than the largest **** on the planet. Just takes time. It's actually a lot of fun!!!

You guys sound wonderful. I wish I lived near you.

Size does matter! Some of us know it and do like it!

I know right! I grow a lot and that may be the suprise. hah. good to know someone else is out there with similar issues

overendowed.. you have a point. it is frustrating and also embarassing. and it's not like they don't know. I am almost 13"long x 8.75" around when I am soft.. impossible to hide

Going today to get some pants altered. one the things no one thinks about. haha. having pants that are specially tailored to accomodate my size. If only the person doing the measurements was an attractive woman instead of an old asian guy.. haha

thank you all.. haha.. I'd love to talk to both of you - jojo and oc. you are both very rare. What are the limits?

Sorry to hear you find too many girls out there who are put off by a big ****, they seriously don't know what they are missing out on then. Fear of the unknown is a terrible thing. You should be talking to girls like myself and my friends, girls who truly appreciate a well endowed man and all he has to offer us! Big ***** rock!!

With you there bro, I'm tired of girls that are put off by my size, wish I could find a real woman that could handle me