Unapologetic About My Preference For Men Who Are " Blessed In Their Lap"

I am at a point right now where I no longer go along with the pc crowd who says size doesnt matter - For me and MANY women it does... I have even dedicated a CLUB - for well endowed men and the women ( size queens) like me who Prefer them
So you SIZE QUEENS out there like myself.. check it out:)
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...my niner awaits you !!!

Well before I got married I would have disagreed with you...HOWEVER.....being that my husband is GIGANTIC I would have to say: You are soooo right!!! Rock on Sister! hee hee

sounds like an advertisement

I joined but there are no women on your site.

It's always been a man in my eyes and size does matter. I agree with you wholeheartedly.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

hmm so anyone who disagrees with you is lying?