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I'm 19, M, Philippines

When I first started, I was about 15 years old, with a 7 inch ****. I added people on myspace chat and showed them my ****. I'm asian, so they all expected it to be small. However, I surpassed most of their expectations. Lots of girls liked it and well, I gained confidence.

15 was also the age that I had my first girlfriend. We had sex the first time when I was 16, I was almost 8 inches by then. She said it was bigger than her 2 ex, which were both 5 and 6. For a first timer like me, she said I was great because I know how to use size. not only that, but damn did she give good head and was able to take my **** all the way down her throat. She did not experience any pain, as she has had sex before, but she told me I opened her up deeper than any ****. She also loved the way I would explode *** all over her. Face covered and her **** dripping with ***. We broke up later on, but sex wasn't a problem. As the years went by, my **** grew and now, I'm 19 and 10". What people consider special about me is that I'm asian and not a pencil **** as well. I love sharing photos of my **** and I love to **** girls hard until they cant go anymore. Cos it's when they can't go anymore, that's when I just get started.

This is my first story so, sorry if I'm not so good. Hit me up with comments if you want! Thanks
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18-21, M
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I hope you don't just rely on your penis in trying to make a female happy. That's not all there is to it - at least not once you get past "girls."

Im a lover, not a fighter haha. Im very loyal when in a relationship

That's not really what I meant, but nice to hear.

So what do you mean?

Other sexual activities besides intercourse. But I've seen another story of yours now that seems to indicate that's not an issue.

Haha. Check out my pics i wanna know what you think

Sorry. I'm not into kids.

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You seem experienced for a young one! Have you ever met a girl who couldn't handle you? Because Filipina girls tend to be small, talaga?

I haven't ****** anyone who's really short, normally I **** girls who are 5'6 in height and above. I've had some though that could only take me 8 inches, but still no pain. I think my 'experience' just comes from watching **** haha