I Use to Skate

Many moons ago, I was a skater.  I never broke anything but had several bad falls.  I skated back when patch (figure 8's) were still required.  I was working on doubles when I quit.  I think the first triple had just been landed in competition.  I left skating because for me it was so lonely.  I still enjoy skating with friends and would like to get back into dance. 
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36-40, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2008

Dance is fun. I started skating as an activity to share with my son. He soon started learning how to jump, which looked like more than I could bring myself to do, so or coach started to teach me dance. After an involuntary loss of coach and some time off the ice, I started taking lessons with my current coach, and I'm working on the bronzes. <br />
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I'm lucky enough to live within drving range of a club that has a socail dance meet weekly, so I have an outlet for it on a regular basis.