Skating Is My Life

To say i am a skater is a bit of an understatment you see im not just a skater. I am a full pledged dedicated skater. My life is skating. I started when i was only thre years old! I have always loved skating its a huge part of me. I have completed all of my dances and am hoping to take my coaching liscence next winter. I have been to many competitions i started competing when i was 12 and out of all the times i have competed iv only not placed once! My room is full of skating medals that i am so proud of! Two years ago i had to get knee surgry and i thought my skating career would be over, it terrified me! Luckly i was walking again by the time winter came :). I practice all the time. Skating is only three times a week but i have an outdoor rink that i spend all day at. I love skating :)
HaileyAra HaileyAra
18-21, F
Jun 24, 2012