Tied And Cuffed. Loved And Twisted.

He looks down at me, his Princess, his Lover. He knows i am after all his and no other man can have me unless he says they can.
I know he loves me. I know he can only love me. No other girl can give him what i can. Full control over me. I do what i am told and i never put up a fight, unless he asks me too. Makes it more fun he says.

He still never tells me much. I have been his for ages and he still doesnt let me know how he is feeling or how i can help. I know i am just his slave, but there is more to this. I am sure there is. We share passion when we are together. You cant fake that.

The first time we had sex i was 15, I am now 22. I have only been with him. Well apart from sometimes he lets his mates play with me. It is what is in the rules we stated when we first made it this serious. I am not going to bore you with the details how it first went.

But the first time we had sex though was amazing and rough. He tied my hands together and put them on a hook on the celling of his roof. He kept telling me that if i want to stop to tell him.
He bite down my body, pulling at nipples, and slapped them.
He pulled my soft ***** lips apart and ran his tongue over them. He licked his lips before pulling my ***** on to his face and eating my *****. I remeber him telling my ***** tastes so sweet and yummy and he can tell no man has tasted me before. He sticks a finger deep inside me, i moan with pain and also pleasure. "Baby, I want you to scream. Dont hold it in." He always tells me to scream. He says it makes him more horny. He pounds my ***** with one finger, i can tell he was enjoying it, I feel my ***** getting tight and a rush of heat flow through my body. And then I let out a over swelling scream. He gets up and kisses my lips, i can taste myself on his lips.
He pulls me down off the hook on the celling and lay me on a bed, he says he is going to be gentle the first time we do this and he pulls a condom on and pushes himself on me. It hurt. I could feel the pain go through my body and i scream. He smiles and grinds into me hard and fast. The faster he goes the more i moan. I feel him slow down and he lets out a moan. I know he is coming.

But now it is years from the first time we had sex, we have grown, I have grown. I have chosen the path and i have a contract with him. My mum and dad disowned me when i was 16 when i turned up pregnant to him. I lost the baby to a car accident i was in leaving my mums house. You shouldnt drive and cry at the same time. But he took me on, he tried his best to love me. But i dont sleep next to him. That is not how it goes. I sleep in my own room down from his.We go out most nights, he shows me off to his mates. At all times i must weight 70kgs. He says it is healthy weight.

But most nights we have rough outrageous sex. He ties my feet together and handcuffs my hands and make me pose in a doggie style position.He likes seeing my bare body exposed to his will. He likes to have me obey him. He has his nine tail whip always beside his bed. This is incase i sneak into his room at night. If i do this he makes sure i struggle to walk back to my bed. He uses me anyway he wants. And i cant complain. Complaining only makes him **** me harder.

Tonight he says i am in for a treat, tonight i will have ear plugs in my ears so i cant see what is happening, he also says i am going to have a blindfold on. He sets me up in the doggie style position. I am naked and my ***** is wet. I know it is hard to understand. But i know no better but to have him do this me, it turns me on. So waiting for what to happen. What he has set up for me. I feel i cant see and listen. I can feel his body walk out the room, and five mintues later walk back in. He bends over to my body. Kiss a long my neck and sticks a finger into my *****. And punps my ***** slowly to start off with and then harder and harder. His fingers feel different inside me. As i am about to come, he stops and pulls out. He stands there and then someone else walks into the room. now there are two people. The other person comes round to my face and pushes his **** into my *****. And the guy guy who was finger ******* me then starts eating my *****. I suck harder on the **** as i feel my ***** about to explode. As i feel myself about to come he stops eating my ***** and starts eating my ***. sticking a finger in my ***** as he licks round my *** as the other guy pulls his **** out of my mouth and starts playing with my nipples. As my nipples get hard and i feel myself enoying myself another person walks in. There are now three guys in the bedroom. I feel my ***** get wetter at the thought of three guys ******* me. But the third person walks over to me. I smell a female perfume smell. Then i finger out there is a girl in the room. The girl walks to me, pulls the blindfold off so i can see the guys. They all move to the front of me so i can them. None of them is my Master. Confused i see his mate and his girlfriend and a guy i have never seen before.

The girl pulls on a strap on *****, walks round to the back of me and pushes it into my *****. i let out a tight little moan as she works in and out of my *****, the guys smiling and staring at me as i explode over the *****. The girl pulls it out of me and licks at my *****. Her on her knees and the guy i have never seen before go behind and pushes himself into the girl while her boyfriend watches. I feel myself explode over the girls face as she moans deep into my *****, the boyfriend just watches. My lover walks in, he smiles at me and comes and gives me a big kiss on the lips. The girl stops what she is doing and so does the guys ******* her.
Everyone in the room stops. My Master pull the girl in front on me and bends her over so i can only see into her eyes. He pushes himself into her. I watch my Master **** her. He eyes widen with every thrust. Her boyfriend walks round to me and sticks his **** deep inside my *****. The girl watches as her boyfriend ***** me, the other guy comes over and puts the **** into her mouth and ***** her mouth. I feel myself as the guys pulls at my hips and pushes himself deep, my master watching. The other guys pulls his **** out of her mouth and pushes it in mine. i watch as the girl and my master come together, i feel myself come, and the guy come inside my ***** and the guy come in my mouth. I swallow everything he gives me.

Painfullyloved Painfullyloved
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012