Mistress Jasmine

There's a banner that is hung over at a chastity forum that i have frequented, that reads, "Be careful what You ask for...". "Truer words were never spoken..." is an appropriate follow-up.

See, i am the kind of person who "wants his cake and wants to eat it too" ( i have yet to research the origin of that phrase). i wanted the most demanding, the strictest, "the real deal", the best Mistress one could ever hope to serve. And i succeeded, being fortunate enough to be enslaved by Mistress Jasmine.

i am, forever, a more complete human being due to Her association.

But now i face the toughest challenge, that being, "Just how do i serve Mistress?" to Her utmost satisfaction. And is it even possible to be the slave i want to be and that She demands? These questions are best not asked or answered in my opinion. By placing definitions to this concept by offering such queries, one creates two options: ultimate success and tragic failure. to truly serve, it is this slave's opinion that one must be of the mindset that they have always been the slave of their Mistress. Perhaps just unaware.

A trickier offering, (probably better left unsaid as well) is this, What if either Mistress or Slave know their inherent position to be true, yet the other doesn't wish to accept that reality, leaving "possibility" and then doubt on the table.

Sometimes, the most difficult answer to accept is that there isn't one.
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