You Know Your A Slave When....

your girlfriend tells you to crawl back on your hands and knees and beg Mistress for Her forgiveness.  Recently it was queried to me the following:

"So Mistress Jasmine is teaching you to be less selfish, manipulating, greedy, two-faced and less full of ****? Well then she sounds like a miracle worker. So how is she different than having a girlfriend?"  To which i replied " Girlfriends can do that too?" Then noted that i thought that the role of the girlfriend is to support you, despite your shortcomings, not necessarily affect change.  (And i may have been a little facetious)

And now i want to add something else. Sort of along those lines.  In my experience, girlfriends come and go. i've never been married. Have no children. And don't associate with any of my exgirlfriends.  Perhaps the current girl i'm dating is "the one", perhaps not. Frankly,i've been learning to not worry about the future that hasn't happened. If it is meant to be , it is meant to be, as they say.

i'm learning a distinguishing characteristic though. i wasn't born to be a boyfriend of such and such for so long.  A lot of water went under the bridge to bring me to where i am as a boyfriend.  

But as for being a slave.  i feel that i was born Mistress Jasmine's slave.  Period.

Addendum 10/26:

Looking at my track record, and considering the fact that this story is a bit out dated. I think I should redefine what I ,mean by "slave".  I beleve now that I am a step beyond being a slave to one individual. That I am what You may term as "naturally submissive", and am easily enslaved to practically anyone.  I am still exploring the concept.
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I am a young obedient guy. I want to be a very good slave of a very dominant mistress woman. I will serve her and obey always. Kindly let me know if you are seriously interested. I ssure best from my side. Thanks and Regards... :)

are you or not a slave. if you are the best way to serve is toilet slav and do enterment for her