Transition From Husband To Slave

I am a man from India. I got married almost 2 years back. My wife is very beautiful and smart and I am not a tall good looking. I was thinking why would such a pretty girl choose a man like me? But then I thought of it as my good luck. But I did not know what was stored for me next!!!!
It was our wedding day and we both were having our first night. We had booked a hotel room for that. I was very happy that I married to such a beautiful girl. As we entered in the room, she immediately lied down on bed with her legs coming out of bed. I was about to sit on the bed and she told "Take off my sandals!". It was not a request but a command. I just thought like she is having fun with me. I knelled down at her feet and slowly removed her sandals one by one. She did not bother to thank me for that. I saw her feet. They were as pretty as her face. Her soles were completely red because of an Indian ritual in which new bride enters her husband's house after putting her bare feet in a bowl full of "kumkum" water which is thick red. That ritual was done about 2 hours back so red color was dried.
As I was looking at her feet, next order came, "Wash my feet and clean that red color." I was shocked but I did not want to make her feel bad on our first night so I decided to obey her order.
Now the scene is like this: My wife lying on the bed like a queen. She deliberately kept her feet outside the bed and close to ground so that I can wash it. I brought a bucket of water, soap and a bowl. I put her feet in bowl and started washing them with soap and water. It was difficult as that red color is dried and difficult to remove.
I was getting commands from my wife in between like, "wash them thoroughly", "Do it fast" , "rub my feet hard", "it should be clean and white as before" etc etc.
I finally managed to make her feet clean and dried them with towel. Now comes next order. She asked me to remove her jewelery. Indian bride wears a lot of gold on wedding and it is difficult task for a man to remove them. I started doing that but I was very slow. So I kept getting commands to do it fast and do it properly.
Then she went in bathroom to get fresh and I had some rest. But rest did not last long. From bathroom she shouted, "Prepare the bed". I arranged the bed. After some time she came out in night dress, looking gorgeous.
She lay down on bed and told me "Look, I am very tired. We will not do anything tonight. I just want to sleep."
I said "Ok.".
She continued, "But you might not have planned to sleep tonight, after all it is out first night :)". I could see a cunning smile on her face.
I just replied "Yes".
"Thats good" , she said. "You dont need to sleep either. You'll massage my feet whole night. They are paining like anything. I'll sleep now and you'll massage my feet and legs till I wake up in the morning and when I wakeup, I want my feet and legs to be relaxed and without any pain. Did you get that?".
I replied in yes.
I sat near her feet and started massaging her feet and legs. Initially she kept ordering me to massage properly, massage harder, massage soles and each toe and so on. Then finally she slept.
My job was not over yet. I had to massage her feet till she awakes in the morning. It was very difficult as I was also feeling tired and sleepy. Indian weddings are very hectic. I was totally exhausted but had to serve my wife whole night.
It was almost 8 hours since I was massaging my wife’s feet and legs. I used to massage 1 feet for half an hour and then change the feet. Finally, after long 8 hours, my wife woke up. I stopped massaging when she opened her eyes. She immediately shouted “Who told you to stop?”. I again started massaging her feet.
After few minutes, she got up and about to got off from bed. She was putting her feet on ground and suddenly she stopped and shouted “where are my slippers?”
“It is there only”, I replied.
“They should be in my feet before my feet touch the ground. Put them in my feet right now!”
I quickly got her slippers and put them in her feet. Then she stood up and went in bathroom. Before going, she ordered, “I want my breakfast ready when I come out”
I ordered breakfast from hotel reception and it came just when my wife came out of bathroom. She sat on couch and ordered me to serve her. I served her breakfast in a plate and took other plate for me. I was about sit on the couch beside her and she stopped me.
“Sit on the ground”, she said. I asked “why?”. She told in angry voice “Do what I say”
 I was scared. I did not want to make her angry. I was totally obsessed with her beauty. I sat down near her feet. She sat on couch with a dominant pose, stretching her feet on the table.
I also got fresh after breakfast and had bath. Then it was the time to leave hotel and get back to home. We both got ready. She ordered “Get my sandals.” I got her sandals, removed slippers from her feet and placed sandals in her feet.
Then she commanded “Kiss my feet”. I replied in shock “Why?” She ordered “Follow my order, now”. I knelled down at her and kiss her feet. She immediately put one foot on my head. My head was crushed under the heels of her sandal. I screamed in pain. She shouted “Shut up and listed to me”
She continued while my head was still under her sandals “Do you know why I married to you?” I replied “No” , in pain. She told “because I wanted to make you my slave. From today you are my slave and I am your Goddess. You will call me Goddess and follow all my orders. Your place is under my feet. Understand?” I could not say anything. She again asked, crushing my head even harder “Do you understand?” I said “Yes”. Say “Yes Goddess”, she ordered crushing my head as hard as she can.  I said “Yes Goddess”
Then she kicked my face with her sandals. It hurt a lot. She ordered “So slave, here is the first order for you, my sandals are very dirty. Clean them” I went crawling to her feet and started cleaning her sandals with my hanky. She kicked me again, very hard this time. “Not with your stupid hanky slave. Clean my sandals with your tongue.” I again went crawling to her feet. She again ordered “Remember, whenever I kick you, you’ll immediately kiss my feet and say thank you. Because you don’t deserve that your Goddess takes so much pain for you. Understand? ” I said “Yes Goddess” and kiss her feet and said “Thank you Goddess”. “Good boy”, she said smiling.
“Now lick my sandals all over.”
“Yes Goddess”. I started licking her sandals making sure I lick all the dust from them.
She kicked me at least 10 times while I was licking her sandals. Every time I had to crawl to her feet, kiss her feet and say “Thank you Goddess”, She used to laugh sarcastically every time. After that she told me to lick clean heels and soles of her sandals. They were even dirtier. She sat on couch and started reading news paper and I lay down under her feet. She placed her sandals on my face like my face was carpet. I started licking heels and soles and cleaned them.
After her sandals became clean as per her satisfaction, she ordered me to pack the things and move to our home. From that day, my wife became my Goddess and I became her slave.
If anyone is interested knowing about my daily duties, I have mentioned them below:
Daily Duties:
  • Wake up before Goddess wakes up. Wake her up by gently massaging and rubbing her feet. Do it till she gets up.
  • When she is about to get off from bed, put her slippers in her feet before her feet touch ground.
  • Prepare tea and breakfast for her by the time she gets fresh and takes bath.
  • Then she takes breakfast on dining table and I sit at ground near her feet and take breakfast.
  • When she gets ready for office, put her clothes, laptop bag, shoes everything at place. She is a big head in her office and wears shirt, trousers and blazer with leather shoes in office. I help her wearing blazer and then put socks and shoes in her feet.
  • Then she sits on couch reading news paper and I sit near her feet and polish her shoes. She likes her shoes shining. I have to polish it everyday.
  • Then she goes to office in her car. Her car is already cleaned by me in the morning before she wakes up. She commutes to office in her luxurious car and I commute in city bus. No need to say she earns much more than me. Anyway slaves do not deserve a car.
  • Then I quickly get ready for office and leave for office.
  • I have to come back from office before my Goddess comes.
  • When she arrives, I open the door and take her bag from her and put it at its place. She sits on couch and stretches her feet on the table.
  • I give her glass of water and cup of tea. While she enjoys her tea, I take off her shoes and socks and then I massage her feet as long as she orders me to do. Sometimes when she is tired, she orders me to massage her head as well as her shoulders also.
  • Then I prepare dinner for her while she gets fresh, watches tv or surfing net or talking on phone.
  • While she takes dinner, I am there to serve her. After she finishes, I clean the table, and take my dinner.
  • Than I clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. I clean whole house as she likes everything clean.
  • After finishing all work, I need to get back to her feet till she decides to go to sleep.
  • When she wants to sleep, I prepare the bed for her. I take her slippers off when she goes to bed.
  • I need to massage her feet and legs till she gets sound sleep. I am not allowed to sleep till my Goddess gets sound sleep.
  • After she is slept, I can sleep. If my Goddess is happy with my service, she allows me to sleep beside her other wise I have to sleep near her feet, on the ground or wherever she orders. Sometime when she wants to punish me , I don’t even get the sleep and massage her feet whole night.
Extra tasks for weekend:
  • Give her full body massage.
  • Give manicure and pedicure.
  • Cook her favorite dishes.
  • Clean all her pairs of shoes, which are almost 50.
  • Wash her clothes and iron them.
  • If she goes for shopping, carry her shopping bags. Her shoe shopping becomes very embarrassing as she doesn’t like sales guy or girl putting shoes in her feet. I have to do that in front of everyone. People laugh at me when I do that. She tries almost hundred pairs and I put each and every pair in her feet and remove.
  • When her cousins or friends come over, I need to serve and worship them as well. Sometimes when they stay overnight, my whole night is spent in massaging their feet and I can not sleep.
  • My Goddess does not like me to sit idle so whenever I am not having any work, she use me as her foot stool and rest her feet on my face or back.
  • Slaves rarely get rewards but when I get it, I enjoy it a lot.
  • When my Goddess is happy with me, she promotes me from her foot slave to sex slave and have sex with me. Here also, I am slave only and I have to follow her instructions. She orders me to get naked and lie on the bed then she does everything. Sometimes she used to slap and abuse me during the act but I enjoy that also. After that I again turn to her foot slave.
  • When she is happy with me, I can sleep beside her on the same bed though I can not touch her. It is a very big reward for a slave!!!
  • Punishments are very common for a slave. I also get it very often but still my Goddess is not cruel with me. She punishes me only when she is very upset with me. She many times forgives my small mistakes. What a kind Goddess!!
  • When Goddess is not happy, I have to sleep near her feet and I get so many kicks from her during whole night.
  • Sometimes she makes me sleep with her 50 pairs of shoes as I am also like footwear for her.
  • She has a crop to hit me but sometimes she uses her belt also to hit me. She crushes my head with her sandals or boots and starts hitting me severely. This punishment is comparatively less frequent and kept for bigger mistakes.
  • Sometimes my Goddess and her friends play football with me. They kick my face and make me fall at another Goddess’ feet then I need to kiss that Goddess’ feet and beg for forgiveness. Then she will kick me and I’ll fall to another Goddess’ feet and so on. All Goddesses enjoy this play and it finally ends when all of them forgive me.
  • My Goddess has one more punishment for me. She decides to walk barefoot and my job is not to allow her feet to touch the ground. As she starts walking, I need to put my palm wherever she puts her feet and I need to take care that her foot lands on my palm. Believe me it is very difficult to do and if her foot touches ground, I get severe punishment. I get whipped very severely with crop and then she starts kicking me with her sandals on. At each kick, I need to kiss her feet and beg for forgiveness. After she forgives, I need to lick her feet clean as they touched the ground and need to massage her feet as my Goddess had to give pain to her feet for kicking me.
This was the story of me and my wife who became my Goddess. I have suffered a lot being a slave but I would say I got what I deserve and I don’t have any regret from life. I am happy being a slave.
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I would love to feel the pain from my wife or woman!!

If I am in your place. I would have kicked that women and would have ****** her as many times and I will kill her.

Its shame to be a slave under your wife. U can die rather being a slave.

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I don't care what you do in your home guys, but when you go out in the world you might run into a man like me.[keep reading it gets better] I can sense you're weakness, I can feel her power, and she can feel mine.[keep reading it will help you] Women are a cunning and treacherous creature. Yes they are to be admired and adored but like anything in life too much is not wise or good for either of you. I can't stand feet but I will give an occasional foot rub and leg rub or what ever she desires if she deservers it. I used to be a slave but now I have learned and now I am the master. It does not mean I wasn't happy it just means I have gone the next plane. I was lazy as a lover. Re-married to a younger woman (goddess). I now control her every pleasure, and destroy anything that will cause her pain. Women want a strong man that will protect them, make them feel safe and help raise the children. Women want a man to help pay the bills and help around the house. You don't have to be a slave. Heck I'll cook once a week and always pick after myself. Our house looks like a museum. You have to be smart because if she is relaxed you to live out all your fantasies. Women have a need to feel safe I don't care what bad *** she is. My woman is smart, beautiful, and kind. It's a scary world out there with all you kinky weirdo's out there. That's why they feel the need to control you, you scare them. A relaxed woman will lay there waiting for you to take your time and slowly warm her up before quenching her lusts, desires, and fantasies. If you bow down to a tiger it will eat you but if you are tiger it will walk with you. If you watch too much **** it will give the idea that women are just an object to get off in, not true my friend the smarter the women the better, trust me. You will benefit. Yes there is nothing more beautiful than a woman's body but treat it like a drug take it as prescribed and usually she does the prescription. Doesn't mean you can't binge once in a while but don't treat your goddess as just a piece.

What a lucky slave you are. As you are indian are you permitted to wear a sari when doing your housework. I would like that and I would like to be send shopping wearing a full burqa

I am also married indian crossdresser. I am planning to become a house husband. I do respect her ane we love eacher very much. When i am dressed, I will be the wife and yake care of all the house work. I do like to serve her and on my own i massage her feet whenever I seef she is tired to sooth her. all this is i do on my own since i like it and there is no ordering about my wife.
I feel it should be a loving relationship and not a master and slave relationship in a marriage

Fantastic story- keep it up!
What about your mother in law- does she not also make u her foot slave?
Especially if she is tall fair and majestic in appearance? U should be at her feet all the time.
Tell us about it yaar!
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u r a looser maadarchod, tu behan ke lodey apni biwi ka kutaa hi banney laayk hai.
i was not going to use abuse but when i knew that it woudn't affect u so i feel no hesitation in that.

Hi everyone,

I used to be normal guy with no idea about foot fetish before my marriage. It had been a few months since our marriage when one fine day i touched her feet the very first time. We came back from a full day outing, she was lying on sofa and i was sitting on a bean bag watching TV. I noticed that she was very tired. She said that her feet are paining, i thought of comforting her a little by holding her legs and pressing them gently. Encouraged by the smile on her face, i slowly started massaging her feet. After this day, foot message became more frequent. I ,unknowingly though, started liking her feet. Once i kissed her feet and can't prevent myself licking them. Then, foot licking and worshiping became a daily activity.
She actually opened day and told me that it was in her mind since the beginning and she was waiting for a chance to make me lick her heels and like them. Frankly speaking, after licking her feet first time i started taking the initiative. Now, my day doesn't complete until i lick her soles. It has been two years since then and the passion is ever increasing. We don't share a master-slave relationship but that of lovers. This has given a new dimension to our lives. I will worship her feet for the rest of my life.


I love rubbing my wife's feet and legs. I love serving HER in whatever way SHE wants. I will do anything for HER. SHE deserves it and it makes me very happy to serve HER. Anyone who thinks serving a woman is not manly has never served a woman!<br />
Scott<br />

You all are *************.If I was in your shoes i would have kicked my wife on the very first day she did any kind of a nonsense command.

You are realy a very lucky man. I am also a foot slave of beautiful feet. I like to be dominated under feet

This is just you fantasy.Right ??

Lie or true<br />
it's a good story<br />
for having fun

Hi slave scott again. My Wife just supervised me while I typed in my footslave confession! She also wants all readers to know that all Women should take charge of their men, and that a mans place is at his Wifes feet to serve and obey at all times. GODDESS NATALIE EDGAR RULES! Thank you slave scott now lick my feet footboy! GODDESS NATALIE has spoken! WOMEN RULE, men drool! I will leave you all now while scott tends to my precious feet. All men, obey your Women at once! You are all dismissed!

Hi my name is scott. I am also a slave to my Wife GODDESS NATALIE. We live a 24 7 Female led marriage. My Wife is free to do whatever She pleases. I am to do whatever She orders without hesitation. It all started as an innocent confession that I had a foot fetish. Since then her feet is all I get and I am extremely greatful for that. She loves to humiliate me in front of her Girlfriends and I am also a foot servant to them as well. I am a cuckhold and kept in my CB6000 for long periods of time. She will make love to other men and I am made to watch and to suck her toes. She has a large walk in shoe closet with all her precious shoes and boots. That is where I sleep. GODDESS NATALIE RULES!

You all guys are craps,who were slaves of their wife.Become a man you all craps.

You all guys are craps,who were slaves of their wife.Become a man you all craps.

hi slaves i am also the slave to my godess wife but the foot punishment is not given by my godess and that i am not allowed to go to job i am given extra activities by my godess wife when i stay at home<br />
such as aata pising ,gardening= growing vegetables <br />
the worst day according to me in a week is sunday i .e my wifes holiday on that day my hitler sasu maa also comes to our house that day i cant sllep as i have to massage both their legs and feet my sasu maa is an angry head mistress and cane is her main weapon 15 canes on each leg is her every sunday punishment is ur story more dreadly than me ramu and the poster reply waiting for ur reply

i am also slave to my godess wife. she made me to resign from my job i stay at house and doing all house chore as servant. and at night i am her sex slave. she is very dominating and my life is like mouse and cat with her. i will male you or give my experience in this bodge. keep in touch. mail id

i am also slave to my godess wife. she made me to resign from my job i stay at house and doing all house chore as servant. and at night i am her sex slave. she is very dominating and my life is like mouse and cat with her. i will male you or give my experience in this bodge. keep in touch. mail id

i am also slave to my godess wife. she made me to resign from my job i stay at house and doing all house chore as servant. and at night i am her sex slave. she is very dominating and my life is like mouse and cat with her. i will male you or give my experience in this bodge. keep in touch. mail id

i would love to know about ur experience as a house husband

Hey man........ I would also loke to worship your wifes feet if you allow me..plz mail me -