Here In The Uk...

So, I live in a rented house. My first job after uni paid me £17k. I got a cheap-ish car that ran a good 55mpg, a house with my girlfriend and cat (rent £300pcm each because of the cat), and spent more than I earned just on living out of supermarket clearance bins and fuel.

Now, 3.5yrs on, same house different girlfriend, I am still in that debt because my salary has increased fairly pitifully considering my achievements and somewhat awesome sales & profits at the (tiny) company, and now I can afford a basic living but not paying off much debt on top.

And my landlady puts a new kitchen roof on, new double glazing throughout, new boiler, new bathroom suite, new kitchen & bathroom decorations.

Where does the money come from I wonder?
My rent.

Where does her salary come from that paid for this house in the first place?
My taxes.

Why? Because I live in a retarded country some are (for some reason) proud to call England.

PS my landlady threatened to serve me 1 month's notice today, if I don't find a co-tenant for the next 4 months (and 4 months only). I know she can't do that, but I'm planning on emigrating soon so don't exactly need a lawsuit. Hence the sudden reason to post this, whereas before it was a background whinge...

Am I allowed to scream yet? Somebody tell me they're worse off? Somebody tell me it's not so bad, calm down?
I don't know I'm just tearing my hair out right now. Comments appreciated :)

cloudsoflife cloudsoflife
31-35, M
May 10, 2012