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I Am Very Very New To Being A Slave!

I meet a man on the internet and talked with him for a few days. We got together and I felt so safe and at ease with him. When his eyes meet mine I felt as if I found what I have been looking for all my life. He had to go to work so he left, but we continued to talk on the computer and on the phone. He asked me if I knew what being a slave meant. I said I have heard of it but I knew very little about it. He told me how he could tell I needed him. He could see I did not like making decisions and he is so right. He asked me if I wanted to be his slave and I said yes. 
Since then he has given me assignments like typing him papers telling him about my life and how it would feel to be his slave. The time I spend with him the more I want to please him.
My question is he is married and I don't know how to be a good slave if I don't see him very much. 
I am very new to this and want to know eveything about how I can make him happy.
TinaLouise79 TinaLouise79 31-35, F 11 Responses Aug 7, 2011

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You should just obey him and continue to make him happy. This way, he WANTS to spend time with you. If, in the end - he has to keep to promise to his wife, then you go away and suck it up. its the bad part of being a slave, we have no real options. You can opt to NOT be in the relationship at all, but ***** like us, need it. From experience, I would just be a good girl.


Are you looking for an online submissive relationship. Or are you looking to eventually move in with your Dom and make it a 24/7 relationship. I am interested in eventually having my sub on a 24/7 basis. If you are interested let me know. We need to discuss your desires and needs so we can determine if this is a working relationship.

I have to agree, make your exit as quickly as possible. A true Dom receives the gift of submissiveness and when accepting that gift should have earned the respect and trust of his sub. Until you have that trust and respect for your Dom, you are not in a relationship. The trust and respect are number one in any relationship. With time it will become a very loving relationship. As a sub, you have the right to speak truthfully with your dom to question anything that is going on. If he truely has your best interests at heart, he will listen and make a decision. You may or may not get what you want, but he will listen and if he decides no, he should give you an explaination of his reasoning. That is showing you that you are important to him and he does love, trust and respect you. Hope this helps, and if you are in fact looking, maybe we could talk more. If not, feel free to ask me questions or request advise.

Come on people,<br /><br />
There are starving folk outside,who needs slaves ,is that fella black.?

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I wouldn't mess with him. He's wasting your time and taking advantage of you. He can't get his wife to do as he pleases. He will use you and discard you.

Thank you! I plan on telling him its not going to work. I dont like games and I really dont like that his heart is so cold that he is doing this to his wife, and children. I will be ok but they should be the most important thing in his life! I dont understand it

Perhaps you can help me in return by answering as honestly as you can about submitting as a slave. I am in a relationship with a beautiful submissive girl. I want to "push the envelope" and have her "go one step further" so to speak. I am not terribly interested in a Master/Slave relationship (although it intrigues me), only to enhance the Dominant/Submissive relationship I already enjoy. How would you counsel me on being more open with her and get her to be more obedient to my needs? The submissive perspective is what I lack, I think.

reasure her that she is your the one u are happy with and just take is slow don't push or get too over baring! She will do it because she is submissive to u, but make sure she know, see and feels that she is the important one not the other person. Then I believe it will all work out!
I hope that helps

The selection of a Master and of a slave is something that should take time so that each of you know if your needs, desires, etc. are in sync with one another. Slavery is voluntary and before you decide to give yourself to a Master you need to know that it is the right situation for you. As you describe your current situation, you are already unhappy in that he cannot provide you with the time and attention that you both crave and need. Couple that with the fact that he is married and is most likely acting without her knowledge or approval and you have a recipe for disaster and failure.<br />
<br />
I do not agree with ricksucks who suggests you call his wife, as it is not your role to be a home wrecker, you need to be concerned with your own safety and well being. If his wife approves and knows of his having a slave, then there should be no reason he would not bring you around his wife, but if he is sneaking around on her he is not moral or honest and therefore lacks the traits that a Master must have.<br />
<br />
My advice is to drop him immediately and start looking for a Master who you can totally trust and who is not hiding another life from you. A Master/slave relationship requires a very high degree of mutual trust and respect and if he is lying to his wife, he is also lying to you.

Hello! Thank you and I would never call his wife! The last thing I want is to bring any pain to his wife or his children. He is sneaking around behind her back and I dont like it. Like you said he is lying to her he is lying to me!
I emailed him a few questions and he got mad at me, saying "How dare I question him!"
He got mad again when I spoke with a good friend of mine who is a master. He told me I was not to speak to anyone he does not approve of. Well I did not know he did not want me talking to other Dom's. Anyways I am going to drop him! I dont to play games! I want a master who is honest and who is not married!
Thank you all for the advice! I appreciate it so much!

There is your answer to it all tina... You don't like that he is going behind his wife's back. So why would you place yourself in someone's hands where there is already a degree of mistrust?

Its too bad too cause all us single men want a great gal like you...

tinaparrott<br />
Do me a huge favor, go here: <br />
Submissive and Slave: Is there really a difference?<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Huge difference!
A slave will obey(up to breaking the law)
Master should never jeopardize his property.

And, a submissive will negotiate.
In a more innocent, immature way
with the wonderful limits(Ha!)

In short order, the place we belong becomes obvious
so read here and where ever you can find info about what you are

progress slowly, it will last longer
remember how you felt so safe and at ease with him
well imagine feeling that way 24/7, and you will again.

-careful what you wish

I make that point in that link MM :)
It is definitely a case of "careful what you wish for".

Too bad

What do you mean " too bad" ?

Too bad he is married...

Ya my thought exactly!

You can always be my slave.

really!! : )

Could you be my slave?

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