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My Little Sister's *****

When I was 17, my sister bet me I couldn't make ten free throws in a row, which she knew I could do. She said that, if I won, she would be my slave for the rest of her life, doing whatever I said unconditionally. But if I lost, her fate would be mine. I was a little hesitant at first, but I agreed, knoe=wing I could easily make the freethrows and eager to make her my slave. However, after making the first nine baskets, I missed the last one. Shocked, I turned to face her. She had an evil grin in her face. SHe said that, starting the next day, I had to do whatever she said. Now, it was summer, and me and my sister (who was 14 at the time) were home alone, as our parents were away on a cruise and would not be home until the end of summer. Anyway, the next morning, I was rudely awoken by my sister slapping me across my face. Staring at her, I realized she was serious about me being her slave. She told me to get on my hands and knees, and kiss her feet. I am a man of of my word, and I wasn't about to start breaking promises, so leaning down, I kissed each of her feet. She told me I was to call her Mistress or Goddess at all times. I nodded as she left my room, commanding me to wait there. She returned carrying her two-piece bathing suit from when she was nine. She told me to ***** down and put it on. Hesitating, I took the bikini in my hands. She waited with her arms crossed. I turned away from her as I pulled off my shirt. However, she told me to turn back around and face her. I complied, removing my shirt and lowering my pants. I then removed my boxers, blushing furiously as my now exposed **** hung free. My sister laughed as I struggled to put on the top half of the bathing suit. I then put on the lower half, desperately trying to keep my **** from poking out of the incredibly small piece of clothing. I stood there as my sister looked me over, chuckling softly. My mistress then told me to do all of the chores that our parents had left for us, including hers. After nearly two hours of work, I plopped on the sofa, exhausted. Not even a minute later, my sister came down the stairs, wearing only her white panties and matching bra. She had a nice figure with average sized breasts, her grown hair swaying as she walked. I got on my knees in front of her as she had commanded me to do whenever she walked into a room. I kissed her feet. She then sat down on the sofa, pointing to the floor in front of her. I crawled over, my **** slipping loose from my "uniform." She laughed at this and quickly shoved her right foot into my mouth, forcing me to lick it and suckle her toes. After a few moments of this, she removed her panties and bra, tossing them to the side. I stared in shock as she stood up and shoved her ***** into my face. I fell back, telling her this was ******, it was wrong. She told me to shut up and I obeyed. I lay there on the ground as she sat on my face, rubbing her nether region against my face, making me lick at her lips. Within minutes, she was gasping as she orgasmed, spilling her juices all over me. I cried a little as I sat up, wiping my face of her juices. She slapped me, telling me to man up. This kind of stuff went on for weeks. She made me lick her feet, eat her out, and suck her nipples, along with the usual chores and grooming of her hair and nails. The worst part, however, was when she made me her human toilet, ******* on me and ******** in my mouth. Thankfully, our parents returned and she layed off whenever they were around. She made me swear to never tell them about our arrangement and, being her slave, I had to agree. I am now 21, and my mistress is 17. I am living in a small apartment, dreading the day when she turns 18 and moves in with me. She'll take my money, force me to do humiliating things and take over my life I don't know what to do. I just can't break my promise of being her slave and I'm scared out of my mind. What should I do? I f you want to see my mistress, I posted her freshman picture.
surferdude152 surferdude152 18-21 23 Responses Feb 12, 2012

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Can I see your sister

And it's 2014 so he's probably screed

Call the ******* cops idiot

I want to see her pic

Boy my sisters sat on my face every day i was 5 they 10&11 they never wiped there ***' s .I licked all off and they ****** my mouth. And chewed on my **** very hard. I have meny bit marks on . They put my nuts in there mouth and french kissed fighting to get my nuts away from each other. Boy did that hert they like to make me scream under there *** there april and Gloria im dave now now we giggle about it. Im 47 now my sisters got fat some times i wish april bland with green eyes would sit on my face now ya that big butt farting on my face would be fun.

dude i would love to eat her **** from her *** while farting too

I wish I had an experience like that

i had foot experience once but now it has increased after reading many stories so if any girl wish to keep me as foot slave type there words and post here "i need man as slave"


I want to see her pic

I'd like to see her. Add me please.

love it

oh enjoy it while you can that is hot wait until she starts coming home with *** in her ***** for you to clean out and make her ***.

It's just a fairy tale, dude)))))

If she even begins to touch you or make you uncomfortable slap DAT ***** and show her her place cuz DAT ***** nasty and you could get really I'll from it

A friendly bet is okay but this is taking it way out of hand tell her that she has gone to far especially with a human toilet because you coul suffer from more things than I can count from doing that I know you want to be a man of your word but in the long run she will take all of your money and If you are still her human toilet she will probably kill you

I hope there is an update soon, and i would like to see the pic of her aswell.

wanted to hear more about toilet slave and humilating things she did is there a part 2

love the story very hot i only wish to find a female slave

make more stories please that was hot

Send her photos !! ;0

At some point, you are going to have to make a change, maybe a new challenge for the free throws and turn the tables around. Or pick something that you can beat her at. Then you would get your chance to get even. Would love to see pictures.

please add me to ur friends lsit and that is a hot story