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My Little Cousin

My little cousin came over for a sleepover, i was 16 and he was 15 we have had sleepovers like this for our whole lives! I see him almost once a week, if not more. And it started like any other sleepover, he came he talked, ate dinner then started playing video games in my room. I had a session earlier with Master and he didn't let me ***, so i was crazy horny. At about midnight, i went into the bathroom and got out my **** cloths from the bathroom. A tight black dress (a teddy) and black leggins but i cut the *** out. I was just ganna ********** in the bathroom, but like a dirty hooker, i was desperate for ****, i was craving a good *******. I got on my hands and knees and started crawling to my room. I got in and my cousin didn't even turn around he was playing a game. sitting on my bed. I crawled closer and closer, with excitement, and a little bit of horror "what was he going to do?" He finally saw me

"DUDE! WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING?!?!" he coudn't really yell parents were in room next door, but he was as loud as he could be.

I said nothing and crawled onto the end of my bed, as seductively as i could, I was on the foot of the bed crawling towards him

"What are you doing?!?!" I kept coming, he squirmed but never really tried to throw me, i got to his face and kissed him.

"You ever kiss a boy before?" i asked him in a seductive whisper

"ive never kissed anyone before"

"good" i replied then i kissed him again, but this time he kissed me back

"I want to be your *****" i whispered in his ear, then a went down to his ****, rubbing my hands across his chest and waving my *** in the air, i never seduced someone before, i liked it. i was a little disgusted in was my cousin, but there was now avoiding it i was put on this planet to be a disgusting little *****. I got down to his crotch, he was wearing sweat pants so i pulled them down enough to get to his underwhere, i could see his hard **** in his boxers, i sliped my hands in the fly hole and took out his ****.

"i dont know about this"

"Shhhhhhh" then i started licking and slowly sucking his ****, I went all the way down. my nose to his stomach, he had a surprisingly big ****, i was gagging,

"OMG! don,t stop!" He said, he grabbed my head and held me on his ****, i started running out of air. whaling m legs

"Look at me" I opened my eyes, there were tears down my face, i was whaling and shacking, choking on his ****, i could feel my face going purple, then he let go, i flew off his **** and started breathing probably the heaviest i have ever breathed, and before i actually had time to catch my breath, he grabbed my head again, and stared making me go, deep and fast, gagging as i went. He did this for a while, i knew this was disgusting banging my cousin, and choking on his ****, but i couldn't help it i am a ****, i need ****.

After 15 minuets or so, i got up legs still spread sitting on his legs, i took his hands and started rubbing them on my nippels, then eventually he did it himself rubbing my whole body, like i was his little ****

"now what?" he asked

"now," i took his pants and under where off "you **** me"

"Holy ****! are you sure?"

"yes baby just slide your **** in my ***, do u want me naked or in this?"

"Um... um.... naked i guess"

"Yes my master" i said, i got off the bed kissed him, then started striping my cloths off. i shook my *** a little, "you like it?" i asked

"yea, i guess"

Then i climbed back on to the bed, got on all fours, fell down to my chest, and oppened my *** cheeks, "**** me!"

he got up and moved his **** around my ***, eventually entering it, just the tip was in when he asked "are you sure you want to do this? wont it hurt?"

"Trust me im fine, its happened before"


"Never mind, just **** me!" Then he pushed more of his **** in, he wasnt as big as master, but it still felt good

"FASTER!" I yelled, he went faster and faster, his full speed was no where near master, but it was ok. He started grunting, i could tell he liked it. I let out a slight yell, then i grabbed his dirty underwhere and gagged my self.

"Spank me baby" i mumbeld through the underwere i guess he could understand me because he started slapping me. it felt so good, i always love getting ****** and roughed up. He ****** for about 10 minuets then he started getting slow, i could tell he was running out of stanima. so i got up, moved back to face him, layed down on my stomach,

"Let me taste my own ***" and i started sucking him, i only sucked for 30 seconds before he started closing his eyes he was about to ***.

"Joe im about to ***! what do i do"

"*** on my face baby"

he pulled out of my mouth and cummed almost instantly all over my face, some got in my eye, i rubbed my face with my finger and ate up his ***.

"OMG that was so hot! but i cant belive i just lost my virginity to my cousin! and what d you mean you have been ****** before?!" he said as he put his sweat pants back on, (underwhere was all wet!) then we talked for a while and went to bed
Buttslave Buttslave 18-21, M 3 Responses May 12, 2013

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you are very open mind...good story;))

well i told him about my master and all that and he said he wanted in on it, but he wanted to be a slave! and master!

Hot but kind of wrong. It sounds like you forced yourself on him in the beginning. In the end it was you offering him accepting so no harm no foul but that could have seriously screwed with him.

Sorry I mean he was hard at first so he clearly wanted something, but he didn't ask you to kiss and blow him.