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A Story For Master

Today has been a really long day for me. Master left early this morning making sure I will be busy while he is away. Today I was to clean the house in my typical 'home' clothing nothing but me in my collar. Fully exposed for Masters use at any given moment. Today was a little different, today Master wanted to extend my anal training. While Master was gone I have to have my butt plug in the entire time. I knew not to argue with Master. Masters task for me today were to clean the house-- and he meant spotless, every hour or so I was to play with the butt plug using it to **** my *** ever so slightly. And last but not least I was to play with my **** and I wasn't to stop until moments before the ******.

I spent more than half the day on my knees scrubbing the floor for Master. I was exhausted but knew I must finish my task. I did not want to disappoint Master. Before I knew it, it was night time and Master was going to be home soon. He told be by 8pm I was to be waiting for him in the bedroom but not on the bed. I was not given permission for that. I kneeled on the floor for what felt like hours still no Master. I waited as long as I could till finally Master walked in. "Hello my slavegirl, I see you were very busy today." I continued kneeling looking down at Master. Finally Master says "on your feet slavegirl!". But he doesn't sound happy. I comply not wanting to upset him more. He takes a few looks around and sees my cleaning was not up to his standards. This is not what he considered spotless.

I knew I was in trouble. Immediately I said "sorry Master" but all I got was a "did I tell you you can talk slavegirl?" I did not respond. I knew I was going to be punished. I did not want to make it worse for myself. My body started to shake. Not only was I nervous but my body was so sore and tired from cleaning all day. Master told me to bend over the bed. I did as I was told. I could hear Master moving around in the background. This was not going to just a spanking with Masters hand, no he was going to get his paddle. Standing in this position made my legs even more tired. Legs spread nice and wide open, no way to relieve the weight off my legs.

Before the spanking Master lectured me. "Do I need to do everything around here myself slavegirl? Are you not capable of doing a simple task of cleaning the house? Or do you just not care enough to keep Masters house clean? I expect much better from you ****. Do you understand me? When I tell you to clean the house I don't want to see a thing out if place. I do not want to see dust anywhere. Or do we need to get another **** to take care of Master? Maybe keep you around too and have you watch a good **** at work. Does Master need to do that to his slavegirl? Or do you think after this punishment you will have learned your lesson slave?" I felt a great deal of shame and was barely able to mutter a few simple words. "I will be better Master. I'm sorry Master. Please Master give me one more chance to show you I'm not a completely worthless slave. That I can do something's right Master."

Right after my statement I feel the hard paddle smack my ***. Without being told I automatically say "one, thank you Master." Even though I can not see you I know you have a slight grin on your face. With every swat the pain gets worse. My legs feeling weaker with each smack. I don't know how much more I can take. Between the burning of my *** the pain in my legs, and on a good amount of occasions the paddle against my *****, I want to collapse. I get to the 50th swat when you say "so slave have we learned our lesson? Or shall I continue?" I say "yes Master I have learned my lesson but if you feel the need to continue I will understand Master. Thank you for the punishment I have just received."

You order me to stand and face you. Eagerly I jump at that chance knowing the swats are over with. You push my head down forcing me to kneel and say the following " you have been a very good girl in your punishment today slave. I proud of you for that. Now since your being such a good girl why don't you show me how good you can really be slavegirl. Show Master how much you want his ****." I don't waste anytime I take off Masters pants and begin sucking Masters **** like never before. This is my time to prove I can be a good **** for Master. The pain I feel can wait until after I please him.

Possibly a continuation? Who knows!?
deleted deleted 26-30 Sep 15, 2013

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