i am a chronically slow reader. which is interesting, because i have always been an avid reader, i am just really, obnoxiously slow. and it is frustrating, because i can sit for hours and read and still get only a chapter or twenty pages done. this is not an exaggeration. of course, i am only that slow when reading for a class, or reading certain types of material, but it really feels like a handicap sometimes. it is not that i am bored - usually i am highly stimulated, i think about what i read, i scribble in the margins, etc. - but it ends up feeling like the more interested i am the slower i read, and then i constantly feel like i am falling short - especially when i am most engaged.


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It's not a handicap,, lol. I'm a slow reader too but love to read. <br />
Some readers read incredibly fast but do they really understand and digest the material? Yes, for some. But most speed readers lose the sweet delight of gently caressing each pages, of getting more intimate with the characters, and of listening to each words as if they are talking to you.<br />
We, slow readers, may feel insanely frustrated sometimes but reading is not really about who reads more books or who reads faster.