**** Bunny Or A **** Pig?

Reading the Urban Dictionary can be hilarious and mind-opening. Like, I did not realize I am both a **** bunny AND a **** bunny .... and also a **** pig (and like to be with **** pigs), a **** pig, and a sex pig. We're talking nuances, and I'm wondering that when you are yelling out curses and put-downs, how do you remember which is which?
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New husband, do as you wish ... You seem determined, anyway. :)

newhusband, have you ever been face to face with a pig? they are much less filthy and ugly than other cattle, even less so than many human cattle. perhaps you are attacking a woman's feminineness when you call her "porcine" (or maybe that she's just fat), but are you attacking the person or the woman? men are usually called pigs, as in "male chauvinist pig" (another phrase from themid-70s?) but ... i'd much rather be a pig than a bunny. alas, what i AM is not up to me, of course!

newhusband, while "pig" is conventionally more degrading than "bunny," you may not remember when a playboy bunny was a degrading thing. i was very young when the playboy clubs were shut down and the bunny uniform which was the universal sign of a woman who was beautiful and stupid and usable was something young girls feared would happen to them!

Gohansolo, you're missing the fun of the urban dictionary! And what's wrong with hairy? I rather like hairy men :)

hornyman, i'd make you explain yourself -- that's usually excruciating punishment for most men!

I would love to get REALLY nasty with you, Aurora, and then you could tell me which terms applied to what we had just done! I would do my best to shout out the right things, but I'm sure some corrections would be required... and perhaps some punishment for my mistakes!

jimmyb, as long as the names contain a grain of truth in them -- at least, truth for you!

angelnandy, from the urbandictionary:<br />
<br />
**** Bunny <br />
1. A cute innocent looking girl that is a maniac in bed. <br />
2. That sweetheart in the HR department who you know would hump you raw given the opportunity. <br />
3. A virginal, often religous, girl who grew up in the country sheltered by her mother that turns into a complete nympho in bed late in high school.<br />
4. a slightly plump girl with low self esteem, who engages in sexual intercourse with any man who gives her a little attention.<br />
<br />
**** pig<br />
1. Someone who will **** anything, anywhere, anytime.<br />
2. A dirty male who will **** anything in his path with a heart beat. Tends to look for the dirtiest broad for the simple fact of her being the easiest to take down.<br />
<br />
thus ... i wish i was a bunny, but i'm more a pig ... and i **** pigs. ;)

topbear, i'd like to say "bunny" but i'm probably more of a "piggy" ;)

Which of those terms do you think best fits who you are? Bunny or piggie?

curt, i am a ****??

thadius, it's one of my favorite places to browse when the world gets to be too much!

look up your real name roflmao. i have a cigar you can do a lolly pop pick up with. feel free to look that up to. that site is hillarius. look up Al Gore : P B=>~~~

uyknas, and i'll bet the ***** are so much better for the name-calling too!

shavedtail, i like the differences. :)

whitelaceman, i love the urban dictionary! try putting together some smutty words and see what the dictionary says.

I don't know but that made my night. I thought it was hilarious.

jonathanjoan, i guess its incentive for him to keep plugging at me! ;)

LOL! That's really cute! Bet it increases the excitement of *******, right?

alter9, nuances, that's what! ;)

joanthanjoan, i believe words are important, and using them properly gives the most meaning -- even when babbling! my bf won't let me take back anything i say during sex, claiming it's his form of polygraph.

**** bunny and **** pig; and **** bunny and **** pig:) Where the hat - or adjective - fits, wear it, baby!