Kids Who'd Have Em?

Having done everything you can to be a good parent for many years, they leave home to go off and do their own thing, but then it becomes clear they only come home when they want to see what their Xmas/Birthday presents might be. Ok I'm divorced so it's a bit difficult at times to expect their full attention when they've got a mum to fit in too, but I did my best for 20 years and now I'm cast out at ALL times because their mum now has a bloke that loves to make "grand gestures" (meanwhile he's become bankrupt in the past 12 months) I can't and wont compete it's not in my nature. But I feel upset and angry at the thought my daughters have been bought. Very little time is spared for "family" time with my girls and whenever they come home they make a beeline for the "other home". My ex partner used to say you need to try harder but I feel like I should say "**** you all". I was a stable loyal husband and father to my kids and they loved me for it but being kids its obvious that a trip to the Pizza Hut, bowling, Cinema and a new pair of shoes is going to win out on an afternoon in the garden, watching a film at home and enjoying a hand made sunday dinner.

Sometimes I just think I should sell up and **** off.................................
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Do something selfish. Sell the house, do something interesting, buy something smaller but more flash in a post code where you can get better help for sarcoidosis or sarcasm or whatever it is you've got. Spend the money on gaining your own favour - and I bet they'll come running

That's good advise. I even said to a friend the other day I think I might sell up and buy a big camper van, I could live off the sale of my house for years and do what I enjoy. Unfortunately there isn't anything money can buy to cure my health problems other than a stress free life. It just might happen. Thank you for your suggestions! :-)

Is your ex one of those women that says she wants the best for her daughters? If so she is one who will drain anyones account. If not, then she probably is having a hayday playing/useing all of you. <br />
My ex was/is this way. He didn't want us to divorce.

My Ex Wife and my recent ex partner both had different approaches to parenting, although both amounted to the same and now result in both my kids and my ex partners kids being subjected to the "spoilt rotten" tag. I will not do that on principal alone. I brought (with their mum) our kids up to understand money doesn't grow on trees, but behind my back money was always spent and I was called "tight" or "a miser". I know my kids love me and I'd do anything for them but I wont spend money to gain favours and that goes for anyone I know. Maybe that's why I'm on my own now and the world is just full of shallow people who only spend time with people who pick up the

Its bad when there is betrayal in a marriage. Also kids are very influenced by their friends. Seems kids these days can't get enough, especially keeping up with whats out in the media. Movies, magazines, friends etc. It all reeks money!

Before anyone comments. I have no idea at all why EP would have put this story in "I am a small business owner" so please feel free to have a go at EP and not me for that. I didn't waste 20 mins of my life to post this story to an inappropriate page.