169cm Of ****.

I am a Scottish guy, decent in the looks department - or so I've been told. I'd say I was smart, or at least enough to scrape by. But there is one thing about myself I hate. And ironically enough it's the one thing that's pretty much nigh impossible to change.

My height.

I'm 169cm as the title reads; that's about 5'6, just a cm of 5'7. I workout a lot and weigh about 170lbs/ 78KG and don't have much spare fat.
What bothers me is no matter how decent looking girls say I am, or how much I try to hone my body. I'm still 5'6. And I wear heel inserts when I'm too, that bump me up to 175cm on a good day. And that's still around 5cm shorter than most guys my age; It just means I'm a little taller than the girls - If I'm lucky.

I turn 18 soon and this **** is killing my self-esteem. People never say anything about it negatively, or well, in a mean way. But as I'm sure you guys all know when a girl says 'It's just a shame your short' anger and sadness kicks in like crazy.

The only thing I can think of to do to fix it is to have 'Leg lengthening' surgeries, but the cost of these operations is phenomonal. around £30,000 if I am not mistaken. I doubt I will EVER be able to afford that, at least when I'm young...when it counts and can be passed off as natural.

Comment if you feel the same...or have any idea about the leg lengthening..
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Your growth plates are probably still open. I hear HGH and exercise makes you grow pretty tall if this is the case. Ask your doctor about it!

im the exact same height,it really sucks...Wherever i go i'm the shortest guy...wE'RE SO F***ED...

Hi bobodogg.

I don't know your age but I'll update this post.
Its been nearly 2 years since I wrote this and in this time ive learned to embrace my height to an extent.

I still stand by shoe lifts, simply as they are comfortable and harmless pieces of attire. With boots I can be 5'10 without looking silly.

Saying that. I recently moved to Holland, and I must say that moving to a country where 6'
1 is the average and 6'5 is nothing special..made me care less about my height.

I met a girl here who is 5'8 and she cares little about my height. Its been a year now.

I guess in a country of giants you can accept there is no way for men of our heights to reach 'tall status' short (pardon the pun) of getting LL and wearing lift $ boots all day lol.

In all honesty it feels better. I no longer care about not showing my true height. Ill take my lifts off in other situations. Most people apparently dont notice or perhaps simply dont care.

This is a problem for all short guys..our height is no benefit in todays society. But it is in no way a disability. It sucked alot when I was 18 and in high school but approaching 20 ive found that if it bothers someone, well theyd probably have bothered me eventually anyway if thats the sort of person they are.

Good luck mate, shortness sucks but its in no way as bad as we think it is when we are in the immature world of high school!

Thanks dude,its a real relieve to hear someone else's story who shares the same problem.Btw i'm 19 1/2.So happy for you and your 5"8 girl:).Wish you best luck in future endeavours.