Small Angry People

I've wondered a few times why alot of small people are angry, especially Men.
I thought it was because they could never get ladies because they are so small, and women don't like small guys.
Then it thought, its because you are more likely to be podgey, when you are small, whats worse, being small then fat.. God help them..
Or its because every other guy looks down on them, and they feel inferior, un manly..

But then one day i finally found the truth on why small people are always angry.
Have you ever walked in the toilet and the toilet seat was down, and thought, 'im no touching that'.. so you go over and just pish in the sink? .. Midgets can't reach the sink.. thats why they are always angry. The Riddle has been solved.
CaptainChunk CaptainChunk
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

well then lol

you are a *****

Oh yes.

I have a sense of humour so im a *****.

But who's woman is shagging another bloke? not mine.

You little cu.nt.

Good point. That was a long time ago now, like maybe 15 yrs. Anyway, sorry for my stupid comment. take care