Grad School

I have a masters in English and am a trained writer.

When I went back to grad school, usually inhabited by kinda geeky people, I looked like a misplaced Malibu Barbie.

I went right on to class in Daisy dukes and a tank.

And I was one of the few 4.0 candidates.

But, just before I finished the Ph.D. tragedy struck. My first husband died of cancer. I had to drop all to take care of my son..

People ask if I have regrets. No. I lived my dream..I taught English and Professional Communication. It turned out nto to be permanent, but I reached my dream. Rarely do people get that chance these days...

Biut i will keep writng. It keep me on my toes and it makes people happy. I like doing that!

Thank you my many fans!
MoonlightSurvivor MoonlightSurvivor
41-45, F
Sep 9, 2012