Smart Natural Blonde

My hair color is natural bright blonde, I had to listen to dumb blondes jokes all my life and It is so annoying. You can't decided wheter that person is stupid or not just cuz the hair color is blonde. So stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GrueneRose GrueneRose
5 Responses Jul 5, 2007

And I imagine you probably had to endure jokes about your the horn coming out of your head as well.

Don't worry, they are probably jealous of your golden locks.

I totally agree, you can't judge someone by their haircolor.

Personally, I've been known to judge someone by their spelling before I wonder about their hair colour ;)

But that's the genious part to being a blonde! YOu can act stupid, and no one is shocked! Make one intelligent remark... and stun everyone! Either way, you're covered! It WORKS FOR ME!!