Maybe That's Not the Word I'm Thinking Of...

Ok, smart might not be quite be the word I'm looking for.  Educated enough to figure things out??  I'm not sure I always have common sense.

I don't mind the dumb blonde jokes tho.  I've even been known to tell some.  Well, that may not be using good common sense, right?  To tell them even tho I'm a natural blonde?  I'm not easily offended though.   And most of them are kind of funny.

Remember what else they say: "Blondes have more fun"

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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

thankyou mother !of couse we are just as smart as others! our grey matter is no different to your's!

your not ever a dumb blonde and you just want to laugh. Please I know some great men jokes. I just want to if any of the Dumb Blondes are true Blondes?

I can't think of a better way of defusing the whole blond-joke situation that telling blond jokes when you're blond! Anyone who can laugh at themselves (especially when it's over something that is ludicrous, superficial and has no meaning :P) is wiser than anyone who can't :D (Although I think that saying "blonds have more fun" is really just reinforcing the stupid idea that hair colour means anything :P)