So Blondes Are Smart.....

I am a natural blonde and i've heard so many blonde jokes I would like to slap the person that created them. I am a smart blonde. I graduated highschool top of my class and had straight A's throughout all of school. I have even better street smarts and know what to do in just about any situation. It feels good to overcome the obstacles of being a blonde and show the world blondes are smart. Just a few days ago my manager was saying how smart I was and so has my boyfriend and my best friend. Finally us blondes can kick some a** and catch up with the brunettes. Now who doesn't have the high IQ? Probably the ppl who made up the corny blonde jokes. Some ppl need to keep their mouths shut and stop always making fun of us blondes. They can all f*** off.
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Hence why Legally Blonde is one of the greatest Blonde Empowerment movies ever made. Seriously... Can we be fun, bubbly and smart? YES. It is a possibility. We got to stick together, us smart blondes!

And the obstacles are real. Trust me... I keep my hair no longer than my shoulders because of it. I refuse to go brunette, but it has been proven that having shorter hair as a woman is more professional. Same studies have proven that blondes aren't taken as seriously as brunettes. So... Yeah. It's awesome to be able to prove people wrong.

Good for you you graduated high school..<br />
Which University did you get your degree?

I've always felt more attracted to blondes than others. And I certainly haven't found them to be less intelligent than any other people.

Thanks Mother2045.

Are insecure blondes still hung up on this blonde joke business? Lol. Lighten the hell up.

Oh. Thanks. Blondes do have lots of fun, but it really doesn't have much to do with hair color. It's really just whatever you believe and how you perceive it.

yeah. chelie. you are right.

uh huh?

Yeah, it's just like being a short guy with a GIANT penis...oh did I say that out silly me.


wooh go you! all A's huh? <br />
<br />
Dont let those blonde jokes bother you, its not like they are talking about you in particular. Hair color is determined by melanin (I think?) so it has nothing to do with IQ.