Then Again, So Is He

I like the easy repartee we've established. It feels comfortable joking around with him.  And I like that he calls me a smart *** when I make some little joke.  That makes me feel witty.  My quip wasn't particularly clever, but his response caused me to feel appreciated.

When he made the crack about the riding crop, I came back with another zinger.  And I wondered if he was used to that, if his previous lovers had joked in such a way or if they had been softer, more compliant to his will without the smartassery.  I've no doubt they were beautiful women; he is a very handsome man.  My chief weapon in this assault on his senses is not my appearance, since he's not seen me.  Rather, it's more of a shock strategy.  Like Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition guys, I need to rely on surprise.  It keeps him off balance, and gives him something to think about.  I try to make him laugh by being impudent, assuming that other women have not been.  I may not be the fairest maiden, but I'm a pretty good jester.

Still, he manages to surprise me as well.  His sense of humour is fun.  And the pegging site really does demonstrate an open-mindedness and sexual curiosity I'd not expected from this man based on the photo in his Collar Me profile.  As much as I was giggling with delight at our exchange, I trembled a bit at his final remark.  This is a guy who takes his ******* pretty seriously.

J: fingers or have a fav?
me: fingers for ****
  Hal for hole
  the breach
J: yes I got the picture
me: I don't recall sending a photo
J: smart ***
me: yes
J: where is My riding Crop when I need it
me: you really should keep track of it, dear
  I always know where mine is
J: I am sure you do
  I woke up about 2 hours ago
me: ye gods
J: quite hard
me: ah, yes?
   and have you done anything about that situation, dear?
J: I did my love
  I watched several vids
me: will you share the links?
  I can always use inspiration
J: I will try....went to a pegging site
    picked some random videos
me: I take it they did the trick
  which makes me absurdly happy
  I like that you're aroused by such stuff
J: yes it was quite ***
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I always say, better a smartass then a dumbass. It's far more fun. I'll take cheers over sneers anytime.