I use humor as my shield, experience as my helmet, intelligence as my spear, and wit as my sword.
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You seem girded for war ? Defensive mechanisms or experiences ? Do you relax and let your guard down - at
least with some of your friends ?


This reminds me of a biblical scripture the helmet of salvation the belt of truth the sword of salvation? The sheild of faith.

Nothing hits harder than reality.

I love this!

You hearted my comment but I feel like there wasn't enough in it to be worthy of that so here's why I like what you said. It has something to do with the way you paint a picture with words. In my mind, I saw the person I imagine you to be with these traits, using them in normal situations. But when you described them in almost a warrior like way, it gave depth to the character I had imagined in the first place. The association with the words was amazing.

I am Amazon ;-)

Hahaha ugh I shoulda used that :P I wrote spartan first and then figured it wasn't going to fit for you and changed it to warrior because I was thinking about the name Xena

Oh man, that was brilliant.